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oh no, it’s laura palmer

bobby’s been up to something in the early mornings hmmm

The oatmeal container labeled “cereal” is putting me on tilt.

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fresh air was very important to people in the early 1990s


Piano guy in the soundtrack is stunting pretty hard.

angelo badalamenti won 6 emmys 2 oscars and a tony for his work on twin peaks

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how could norma know about us? we’re only making out in the car out front of the coffee shop a minute after we leave together

her husband is a total wacko but she’s super hot so bobby has no choice, really

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yep, that’s laura palmer. she’s dead.

but why?

sideways walk from the locker to the classroom. that was the coolest kid in the school right there

receptionist: bobby, you’re wanted in the office

bobby: for what?

receptionist: MURDER

before school shootings, when a girl ran screaming across the courtyard during class people just chilled

book him, andy

Interview the teen without parents or a lawyer present, seems totally above board.

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lol james is the worst

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