Trump's America

Won’t somebody think of the golf carts?

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Golf carts are the Sherman tanks of The Villages.

People riding them having PTSD flashbacks of Vietnam as they shoot anybody vaguely brown or liberal. It’s on!

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A local comedian made this. He’s also running for county commissioner and has a GOAT ad.

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Hello from East San Diego county!

What does getting the license plate do? Are they gonna find the car and egg it? That’s probably already happened multiple times. I’m sure doing it again will show 'em!

Fuck egging it, slash all 4 tires

Slashing the tires would get a tweet from trump calling for a 10 (plus!) year sentence for defacing a monument to our heritage.


Doxing people to get them fired seems to be pretty effective.

No face no case

Also so weird that there are so many nazi coincidences with this admin

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jeez, you wave ONE machine gun at a crowd of people marching for equal rights and suddenly you’re the bad guy


also, drama queen much? I assume he didn’t lose his house, get a divorce, or have his bank accounts frozen, right? He’s doing fine, that big fucking baby


proly a life sentence actually bc the owner is almost certainly law enforcement.

I can’t figure out why that guy hasn’t been charged with brandishing a weapon. I’ll ask Anne, maybe she knows.


Karen fucked around and found out that while she’s in Trump’s America in the wealthy suburbs of NJ, she still might get surrounded by white women taking the other side and calling her out on her bullshit.

Then she really found out lol… There’s hope for this place yet!

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