Trumpday the 13th: Still talking about TFG

Old thread hit 10k posts.



Always with the “very strongly.”


Are you done?

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Throughout history, every target of that question has been completely, totally, owned.

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Also wtf is “TFG”


The former guy.

LOL…Trump looks thrilled to see himself portrayed as even fatter than he is.


Read through this guy’s tweets and it seems like he is a subtle troll to the right wing, but subtle enough they think he’s being genuine? I can’t tell for sure though.

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Ya, that’s weird. Seems highly sus. How likely is it that the dude is just trolling Trump? That would be great.

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Yeah, I spent like 5 minutes trying to figure out what level he was on, and I landed on trollling the right.

I always read it as “that fucking guy.”




Trump looking so damn weak that I’m kinda rooting for him to go hard in 2024. I just can’t, however, as I don’t want to tempt karmic retribution.

Still hope his misery spreads like a venereal disease to all those around him for as long as the piece of shit draws breath.


I don’t think it’s particularly subtle, but yeah. IDK whether Trump is actually in that photo or if he photoshopped him in or what.

Same. Ideally (and quite realistically), he barely loses to DeSantis in a brutal primary and then goes rogue, fracturing the GOP/conservative base, and gifts another term to whoever runs for the Dems.


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Actually dont think this is a SSC post. The chance that he at least tries to blow up a nominated Ron has got to be pretty high. 50%?

The overall chance that he fractured the party leading to losing in ‘24 had got to be no worse than 4 or 5 to 1?

Agree that there’s a decent chance that he tries to blow up a nominated Ron. Have a hard time seeing ol’ Donny managing to clear the bar to run as a third candidate though. But sure, chances aren’t completely remote, so SSC might be a bit harsh here.