Thoughts of A Shitty Capitalist Pig Who Realizes WAAF, But Also Realizes WAANotF, And My New Venture

(Debated between putting this in Political Topics and Sundry Chitchat, mods can move it if they want… Felt like there was more political content than business/self promotion by a wide enough margin, but the conversation may be more likely to skew toward the latter.)

Hey everyone, I’ve been kicking around the idea of making a post or not… I decided to do it. I’m not “back” per se, and I still don’t plan on posting too much. I actually want to encourage everyone to take breaks, too. I’m much happier overall, and while I’m a little less informed about politics (which is, of course, why I’m happier), I’m still probably in the 99th percentile in that regard. The only thing crazier than how insanely informed we all are is how absurdly uninformed everyone else is. The gap between like the 99th, 95th, and 80th percentile is absolutely bonkers. You can take a couple months off, pay minimal attention, come back and still be in the 99th percentile.

The title of the post is a little tongue in cheek, obviously, as I wouldn’t consider myself a capitalist pig, although some here might. I believe in very well-regulated capitalism with strong guardrails and a strong social safety net. I still plan on voting for Bernie, which is where the shitty part comes in. What kind of self-respecting capitalist pig votes against their own financial interests to vote for the democratic socialist??? Obviously I’m a shitty one! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Anyway, I still skim the forum ~once a week, and maybe if I go a long time without seeing any rhetoric that bothers me, I’ll poke my head back in and post more… But leaving really opened my eyes to just what a drain on my mental well being and happiness being that informed and wrapped up in all of it was, so I’m not really looking too hard for reasons to come back and post all the time like I was before.

Anyway, yeah, WAAF, but also not really. If you pay attention and care, WAAF. But if you tune it out for a couple weeks, take a wide angle lens and look again, WAAF with Biden, Pelosi and Schumer running the show anyway - most of you get that. We’d separate less families and bomb less people and foment less racial discord, and those are all ABSOLUTELY HUGELY important things so we should all vote/volunteer/donate to the less bad guys, but damn if there’s much point to being in the top 1/10 of one percent of knowing just how absurdly fucking depressing the state of American politics is in the Donald Trump era, when the most realistic “good” outcome is being slightly less fucked. And of course, donating/volunteering/voting for Bernie is probably the purest thing we can do in the mean time – because the big picture problem is that at the end of the day, Biden vs. Trump is still going to leave us with a choice between two versions of America that are both oligarchies in which our corporate overlords suck most of the value out of our economy and leave us to fight over the scraps… It’s just a matter of whether we pretend everything is hunky dory (Biden) or let a fascist blame the minorities (Trump) and do horrible things to them.

Again, huge difference between the two, and the last thing I want anyone to do is sit out the general election in any way. It’s just that, at the end of the day, being informed enough to understand that is a great way to be constantly stressed out and miserable. If you pay attention, you’ve gotta be pretty naïve to think that we’re going to spend any less than the next four years, and likely more, having the “BUT HOW ARE YOU GOING TO PAY FOR IT???” argument about every piece of legislation that would possibly help the working/middle class, while also having the “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, DO YOU HATE AMERICA???” attack if we question spending so much money on bombs. Hopefully, we can all volunteer/donate/vote and have that mind-numbing argument without separating families, banning people from the USA based on religion, detaining immigrants, etc… Those are noble causes, but so is giving the middle class a fighting chance… and politically, barring a Sanders presidency, that’s not happening.

Now thankfully for most of us here, WAAF politically and not in terms of stuff like having running water, abundant food, reasonable economic opportunities, etc. Logically, as long as WAANF in that regard, WAAF in the first regard, it’s just a matter of degrees. People aren’t going to pay more attention until they can’t plop down on the couch and watch television while microwaving their pizza. So until the status quo changes in a big way (either the voting public becomes very well informed or it expands significantly), we aren’t likely to overcome this situation… We’ve got maybe the 10% chance of a Bernie presidency right now, and that’s even assuming there’s a 100% chance he fixes everything, which isn’t the case. Healthcare would be a nice start, though.

I do see a couple ways the status quo could change in a huge way, and they currently all involve AOC or a similar level rock star type candidate in 2024 who can expand the voting population AND inform a lot of them. Sadly, most progressive priorities are damn near a pipe dream until that time… maybe a 5-10% chance of anything major and meaningful being enacted in the next four years. Maybe a 30% chance of getting a watered down public option.

So, anyway, what’s the point of knowing how fucked we all are if it makes that the only thing we can care about and that makes everyone else we know/meet think we’re totally fucking bonkers and/or total killjoys? No matter how miserable we are, humanity is still likely to continue to fuck up climate change, Donald Trump is still a favorite to get re-elected, etc, etc… So if being a miserable killjoy who always wants to have deep conversations about the problems of our time and how to fix them isn’t really doing much to win anyone over, what’s the point?

Ultimately, my advice: do more (volunteer, donate, etc) and consume less about politics, post less about politics, think less about politics. It’s morally better if you’re doing more and it’s psychologically better if you’re thinking about it less. Be a happy soldier for X hours rather than a miserable news consumer for 10X or 100X hours.

That’s what I’ve decided to do. I’ll still volunteer for candidates, probably donate to a few candidates, and have a better idea than most what’s going on in the world. I’ll do more volunteering than I’ve ever done, for obvious reasons. But otherwise, I’m going to use my time more productively both in terms of my happiness and my finances. I’m starting a business and a vlog, which you’re all welcome to check out.

I suspect there will be some heat from some people here over what a capitalist pig I’m going to be (see, the title does tie back in), but I’m actually hoping to create a lot of content that helps people in the lower or middle class turn the exploitation back on corporations to even the small degree it’s possible, and accrue some wealth of their own. Granted, some of what I’m doing will be in ethical gray areas like flipping items (which I’m fine with) or using Amazon to sell a product line (bothers me somewhat, but there’s not much of an option here), but I think the good ultimately outweighs the bad. I think teaching people and showing people how it can be done is putting power in the hands of the average person to get out of the corporate rat race or stop being exploited for $10/hr if they don’t want that lifestyle. For me, it’s a chance to significantly change my financial situation and maybe go from top 20% overall to top 5%, or a little better for my age bracket… But most importantly, to be able to generate significant revenue (hopefully) and put it all into investments for the long-term, while giving myself actual peace of mind.

That’s important, because the other thing stressing me out aside from politics was my financial future. In some ways it’s funny, because my net worth for my age is still in the top 20%… But given that I don’t have a steady income, and you never know when the poker world might REALLY go down the drains, I still feel stressed. It’s also hard not to think about how I’m Trump’s re-election (a coin flip), one piece of legislation (or a court order) tearing down protections for pre-existing conditions (50% or better equity in a second term), and one significant injury or illness away from bankruptcy. So basically there’s like a 25% chance that in the next four years I’m just hoping and praying not to get seriously hurt/sick. That at least 80-90% of people under the age of, I don’t know, 40? are in this situation is absolutely nuts. It’s just insane, but it’s a reality. I guess for most it just means that you HAVE to work a full-time job with benefits, which is of course the entire fucking point of it, which is infuriating to me and terrifying because I am not cut out for that shit in a number of ways.

Meanwhile, I went years without being able to afford to put money into my Roth IRA while I was in broadcasting, so I feel way behind in that regard. My goal is to make top 5% money for a few years, live to the same standard I am now, and put the rest away in investment accounts so that I have my retirement taken care of… So that no matter what, I know I’m taken care of from 60 on, preferably from 50 on, and that all I need to make in the next 20-30 years is enough money to get by. So in a way I view this project as being a HUGE push for that peace of mind. Grinding my ass off for a few years to hopefully be able to put away a significant nest egg that puts my mind at ease.

With that in mind, here’s the YouTube channel:

and the first video:

The second one should be out in a few days…

I’d genuinely enjoy and appreciate any feedback from people here on the concept, the YouTube channel, the quality of the content, my overall views on political information consumption, and whatever else comes to mind. I was planning on waiting until I put Vlog 002 up to post here about it, because I was going to include some PredictIt content, but I got smoked during the last debate and didn’t really want to show myself getting my teeth kicked in while also promoting the gambling aspect. Hey kids, don’t try this at home, hey look, on that note, I got crushed!

It also may be of some interest to people here that I was seriously considering a vlog/business idea that was basically a left wing version of Prager U. So basically, Robert Reich videos, but better done… which really means properly using social media to push them outside the echo chamber and improving the diversity of the presentation. Unfortunately, there were major monetization challenges with that as a business idea, and to do it right requires a TON of time and realistically capital as well. Given the monetization issues, it’s not something I felt like I could bootstrap for a year or two, then save up some of the money to improve the operation.

So I decided to do the one with more potential financial payoff now, and leave the other one for the future (potentially). Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to and what I’ve been thinking about lately… Thought it might be of some interest to people here.


Can you summarize in three sentences, on what would you like to have a feed-back?


I haven’t finished reading that OP yet, just posting to subscribe and say glad to see you :+1:


Hi Cuse.


He started doing youtoobz.


So does he hope to make money from this vlog? Is that the idea?

edit: I watched about half of the vid and read about half of the post.

Glad to see you posting cuse. Happy to see you trying something new but can’t say I’m thrilled with the whole buy shit from China and sell for profit on amazon but you do you.

Anything that interests people, really, but the vlog concept mainly I guess.

The vlog is going to tell the story of starting from spare change and old junk I can sell on eBay and building it into a business, first by using that bankroll to flip stuff from yard sales, garage sales, thrift stores and via retail arbitrage… then, likely, by starting a product line to sell via Amazon FBA.

That last part is the most likely business idea to go with, but the vlog will soon cover a bunch of the options and research into them.

And the vlog itself could also generate revenue, but that can take a couple years to build up (although it can be significant if it really takes off). I also plan on using the vlog to create side videos on various topics, including out of the box personal finance topics such as various hacks to make money off big banks/corporations via bonuses/cashback/etc that can then be used to save/invest.

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As long as don’t have employees you’re welcome to sell on

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Yeah I figured there would be a lot of people who felt that way… but, like, the vast majority of goods purchased in America come from China, India, etc… Why should the big corporations make all the money while we work for them and they pay us 10 cents on the dollar that we generate for them? Then from the other end of the spectrum, how does one even begin to start a business and compete selling a product in 2020 if that product is actually made in the USA with American labor paying $15/hr?

So it boils down to, are all modern businesses built around selling products/goods now immoral? If not, where is the line drawn?

It seems to me that taking a few pennies off the bottom line of Big American Corporation X and putting them into the bottom line of cuserounder (who is going to pay a higher % in taxes and buy off zero politicians while donating to good ones), and inspiring others to do the same, is a significant improvement for society. Disagree?

And of course pennies to WalMart or Koch Industries or McDonalds are huge huge dollars to cuserounder, which is nice too.

Do you have the deed for that gently used bridge?

Yea I was thinking more of the problem morally would be you are getting rich off the sub living wages paid to the workers of China. I don’t disagree with the rest I guess although I would have to think more about it.


I’m out of stock on that item. Try the towel robe. It’s also out of stock, but there’s considerably less lead time to fill an order.


Only watched the first minute so far but I’m going to be brutally honest.
Hearing you gasp for breath is offputting.


Like it’s almost like you are saying the ends, being able to take some money from corporations and donate it somewhere else, makes up for the means, utilizing Chinese labor. Maybe they do I don’t know. Kinda seems like you just decided maybe I’ll join the corporate side instead of fighting it. That’s probably too harsh.

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Does it give you a kick? I mean not the thought of making money, but this vlog thing.

I mean… As long as you don’t hope that it makes you money and is just for the kick, it is cool. If you hope to make money from Vlog, you need to change a lot.


Damn, lapka pulling no punches ITT! Glad to see you back, cuse.


You should sell on your own site to. I have a domain I’ll set you up with a store on for some of that capital.

I just wanted to add that there was someone who used to post here that was apparently pretty into the whole sound and mixing thing. Nunnehi or something, their name was. Could ask them for some tips…


Sounds like the flipping is the main thing. I’ve watched a lot of nomad/digital nomad/van life/dweller/homesteading videos and the people with hundreds of thousands of subscribers make ok money. Tens of thousands is like an ok bonus, but you’re not living off it.

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That is also my knowledge of this stuff. You need to be like really good to make money from blogs, vlogs & co.

Appreciate the honesty.

Not really, I mean, it’s a lot of work. The thought of possibly teaching some people how to improve their lives and financial situations is fun, and putting myself out there like that can help push me to work harder, but I’m not sure that it’s worth the hours put into it just for that.

Such as? This is the type of feedback I’m pretty much looking for.

LOL I’m not sure nunnehi would be the first in line to help me out… But I actually worked in radio for a while and know quite a bit about mixing sound. The issue I don’t think has much to do with sound mixing, it has more to do with me being out of shape and thus taking louder breaths than someone who’s in shape. The other issue is that, while I could somewhat quickly adjust the audio on that behind the scenes in a simply audio editing software, it’s a lot more work in a video editor. Like to do that for 10 minutes of audio might take me 15 minutes, to do it for 10 minutes of audio in a video editor might take me 2 hours. I could export the audio to the audio editor and then bring it back in, but syncing it up can then become tricky - maybe that’s what I should do, though.

Yeah I saw a guy who I think has terrible content (IMO) and he has 320K subscribers and made $150,000 last year - probably ran good last year, though, and maybe 80-100K is more realistic for him in a given year. I’d be absolutely THRILLED to make $50K off the vlog, and pretty content with $20K+ off it. I anticipate spending about 10-20 hours a week on the vlog aspect of it, and if it brings in more than double minimum wage and has a realistic chance to help people, while building up an audience for future projects, that’s a huge win I think.

The flipping is the main thing short-term. It’s key to the whole “start from spare change” concept, which I think is key to the vlog building some traffic up initially. It’s also key to potentially helping others realize some options they didn’t know they had. It would only end up being the long-term thing if several other business ideas I tried were unable to get off the ground.

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