This thread is about sex

So many things about this thread are WTF. I don’t even know where to start (except listen to Clovis, for the love of god).

  • There’s a middle ground between raw dogging a girl your third time being with her and wearing a condom for a years long relationship. If you intend to be in a relationship with someone, fine. If not, wrap it up, seriously.
  • Why the infatuation with HIV and herpes??? Two STIs that as straight men you don’t need to worry a hell of a lot about. HIV is extremely remote, and herpes is so common it’s irrelevant. If you have symptoms you’re just unlucky.
  • Gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis are the three you need to really worry about. There are antibiotic resistant strains of these, especially gonorrhea. They can be difficult to get rid of, and have very bad health implications for your partner.
  • There are about 4 million cases per year of these three diseases in aggregate in the USA. The average American has a new sexual partner roughly once every five years (swag on surveyed average of 7 sexual partners in one’s life). Crunch the numbers on that, and there’s something like a one in twelve chance a new sexual partner will lead to one of these three STIs, irrespective of condom use.
  • Now you know that wearing a condom will make the 1 in 12 odds a lot smaller. You know that not wearing a condom will make them bigger. As the original post of this thread shows (and sorry about your post being foisted into the limelight, OP), STIs aren’t a common cold. They can be hard to get rid of. For a random bar hookup or someone you’re just having fun with, put on a freaking condom.

I would snap take COVID-19 over any of these three STIs, any day of the week.


I count bushes instead of sheep when I can’t sleep at tonight. When the current state of the world depresses me, I lean on comments like this. Snap therapy.

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Lol ya glad the mods moved it. This was a quite a hijack . I feel like I’m at a bar. Just popped an ice cold red stripe.

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Ouch ty. I’ll skip oral during the occasional blister bumps.

I love a landing strip manicured like the 18th green at Augusta National too. An old sugar baby of mine surprised me for my 40th b day with one. I consider it one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever gotten,Christmas included.

We both thought it would be tacky for her to buy me something w my own money . I can still taste the Olive Garden dressing I licked off it for what seemed longer than the nba playoffs last.



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This. Last thing I want is somebody hunting me for child support saying that I knocked them up.

Also the notion that condoms don’t prevent STDs is absurd.

Depends where you are and if you work for a professional studio. Since a lot of sex work is illegal, a large portion of sex workers aren’t mandated by law to get tested.

The trick is for her to enjoy putting it on you. Then everything flows exactly as it would without. Ugh, did I say flow?

Anyway… after the one time I got something nasty (NSU) I’ve seen them as an evil that’s necessary sometimes. Once you’ve experienced the shock and pain of an infected piss tube pissing blood you won’t risk it again for a one-off with a random.

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No way am I gonna go down on a girl with a bush thicker than the Amazon rainforest. Might fall in love with an orangutan while finding my way through the forest.

No way would I want to go down on a girl shaved like a pre-pubescent. It’s mainly a generational thing.

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What ever happened to Pooter anyway?

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Well just this morning I started to rethink this philosophy due to some recent symptoms. Pretty weird to see this here.

but not sure if its been mentioned but the worst type of infection is a pregnancy. thats the thing to avoid.

this does not blow my mind as I read your posts.

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Hopefully all this focus on female pubic hair is being reciprocated wfh manscaping.


Sorry being super pedantic but I changed it again. I hate even a hint of STI shaming.

What a thread to wake up to. You guys have been doing work. I think all the 90s fear porn sex ed really scared the shit out of me. Other than maybe 1-2 random drunken encounters I think I am batting 100% on condom usage until we had at least been exclusively dating for a few weeks.

Also never even seem a dental dam or worn a condom during oral sex. They must not have scared the shit out of us that we would die an almost immediate disfigured death for that unprotected act.

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I begged my fam doc for the HPV vaccine when I was juuuust over the guidelines for it and he refused, saying I probably already had it. I was adamant I didn’t but couldn’t convince him. Seriously hope I don’t regret that one day.

I’ve made the mistake of not wearing condoms when hooking up with friends and assuming I would “know” if they had an STI. With strangers I’ve gone raw a couple times but put me in that 90’s camp that was convinced our parts would fall off if we did anything wrong once.

Are we supposed to be proud of our STIs? I don’t really see the harm in STI shaming, tbh.