The Supreme Court: Playing Calvinball with people’s lives since 1789

Hey John, go fuck yourself.



Trump: “Ginsburg and Sotomayor should recuse themselves on anything that has to do with me”
John Roberts: “How dare you, Chuck Schumer, how dare you”


not good

This country is so broken and stupid that a Biden Presidency and 51-49 GOP Senate (or possibly 50/50, lol Manchin) will almost certainly result in 4 years of no judges confirmed regardless of the number of deaths or retirements.

CNN says she has an infection, is expecting to be in there for a couple of days. Maybe it was a gallbladder infection?

Yes… Gallbladder stone that got removed, I think the usual ultrasound was not recommended? Or that Ultrasound was the correct way to do the procedure at her age…Sorry was eating my hot wings while listening to Rachel Maddow.

Remember when she didn’t retire during Obama’s term?


Creating massive traffic jams as political retribution is A-OK, apparently.

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Fun fact: Bill Baroni (Deputy Executive Director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, whose conviction was overturned) and Samuel Alito BOTH went to my high school. So proud.

You start locking up one guy for misusing public resources for revenge plots, pretty soon you have to lock them all up. It is a very slippery slope.


Um yes. That’s almost the point. Washington needs a good purge. I’m not even kidding a little bit. The point is to reestablish a fear of consequences in the political class.

The slippery slope we actually fell down IRL was allowing naked influence peddling to become an ‘industry’. Now we’re all the way at the bottom of the hill and we won’t be able to end the culture of impunity among the rich and powerful in America without some demonstration that that type of behavior will not be tolerated. Just saying ‘from now on guys if you do x something really bad will happen’ will result in a bunch of lip service and an immediate return to normal. You establish the new norms by crushing the biggest practitioners of the old ways with an iron fist.

If it takes out some blue team people that’s a feature not a bug. They need to relearn fear too. Fear is a good thing. Fear keeps you from doing whatever you want because it’s beneficial for you personally.

Of course none of that will happen because Biden is going to be the nominee and he’s an advanced practitioner of the old way.

Uh, what am I missing here. The scheme CLEARLY aimed to obtain property - i.e. political power. WTF?

Political power is not property.

Sure it is.

Today you’re mayor. Tomorrow you’re not. Did you lose anything?

Can we talk about the god awful Wisconsin court here? Chris Hayes reported on this last night

From the decision:

To rule otherwise would undercut this Court’s oft-repeated instruction: Federal prosecutors may not use property fraud statutes to “set standards of disclosure and good government for local and state officials.”

They’re not “setting standards for good government,” they’re prosecuting a fucking shakedown.