The Supreme Court: Playing Calvinball with people’s lives since 1789

I have this sinking feeling that she’s going to pass a couple weeks past the date that Scalia died in 2016, and Moscow Mitch will give a presser with a big shit eating grin about whatever shit stain even worse than Kavanaugh they’re going to make sure they get on the bench before the election.

Because we can’t go two fucking weeks without an RBG health scare:

Don’t worry. McTurtle will definitely allow a nominee through if it comes to that. Blahhhhhh.

Someone already asked him about this earlier this year. Garland was a Republican Senate and democratic president so we have to wait till after the election. Rep Senate and president equals voting time.

He can even go into ubertroll modus, say something like “i was wrong last time, I’ll fix it by allowing the process to proceed without delay this time”

Lol we had better pack the fucking court at the next opportunity. Fuck Pete’s plan I want the most liberal justices we can find and enough of them to give us the court that was stolen. It should be 5-4 liberals vs conservatives right now and don’t anybody forget it.

  1. Impeach Kavanaugh and replace him with a strong progressive.
  2. Replace RBG and Breyer with very young, very liberal justices who are not straight, white men.

That gets it to the rightful 5-4.

Then we pack it a bit. We add Merrick Garland because fuck you, that’s why. Then we add Barack Obama because fuck off, that’s why. Then we add one more young liberal justice who’s like a 24-year-old transgender DREAMer with the funniest of funny names because fuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkk yooooooooouuuuuu that’s why.

Vote cuserounder 2020.


Good thing we added the trans-DREAMer to counterbalance the conservative wing strengthened by Obama.


2018: Supreme Court overturns California law requiring anti-abortion “crisis pregnancy centers” to be more honest about what they are, citing free speech
2019 (just this week): SCOTUS will not review law compelling Kentucky abortion doctors to describe fetus to patients, even if woman objects

Compelled speech: only bad when liberals do it. lol, they’re not even pretending


I don’t see how that Kentucky law can be enforced, practically speaking. How will authorities know whether the doctor has said anything or not?

It IS hard to enforce, but if they really want to, it could be done via undercover sting operations. I suppose they could also subpoena medical records and make sure that the records show evidence that the required statement had been made (the doc could fake the records I guess, but most probably wouldn’t).

It’s not about the doctors. It’s never been about the doctors. It’s about shaming women into not getting an abortion. Also, those with low incomes can’t afford ultrasounds which will add another barrier to getting an abortion.

This particular law appears to be about causing as much psychological trauma for people seeking or providing abortions as possible to discourage everyone involved.

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But heaven forbid we force a baker to bake a cake that has two men on it. That would be the end of the Republic.

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“will not review” - the Mitch McConnell method

SCOTUS is supposed to give an update on Trump tax returns tomorrow afaik

What the fuck

Sucks they didn’t shut it down immediately but wasn’t this the general consensus w/ lawbros?

Gorsuck is on Fox & Friends right now because that’s normal

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I’m guessing Trump’s ancestors would not have qualified under these rules.