The Shredders Ball

The SG is my favorite Gibson. Great shred guitar due to where the neck joins the body. Les Paul fucking hated it too which makes me like them even more. And it’s a legitimately unique design that looks totally evil.


Now I’m really curious to see what this is. If you’re just playing chords, you won’t need super low action for that. Medium action is probably good there to allow the strings to ring out. If you go too high you’re fighting the guitar and the tension from pushing the strings down makes it hard to intonate the instrument properly.

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I remember always struggling with fret buzz, which is why when you mentioned high action, I was like ohhh I’d probably like that. I also tend to death grip everything.

I’ll post a pic in a min

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I grew up on classic rock and glam metal. More of the latter. Whatever I could get past my devout Catholic mother. I was a complete believer in the mythology. If I had ever made it to a concert, I would almost certainly be a completely different person today.

Any time I could only get a taste of a specific band, my imagination would fill in the blanks. Even though that group might be fairly derivative, in my head they were doing post metal 15 years ahead of time. Bang Tango is a perfect example of this.

This thread is awesome.


I gotta make a folk metal thread later.

America needs to be exposed to its awesomeness.

wont hurt my feelings at all if you tell me its a pos, wouldn’t surprise me.

He got it in the late 90’s so it’s at least that old. It was in a second hand store and I seem to remember him telling me it was old then. I’d wager it’s at least as old as I am.

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Oh definitely an import classical. No wonder you wouldn’t mind high action since nylon strings aren’t hard to fret. You could upgrade significantly from this if you wanted to. Super wide classical nut, looks like 2". A steel string acoustic would be significantly narrower than that and much easier to play cowboy chords on.

I’m not really into bashing cheap guitars because some of my favorites are cheapos. I currently own two acoustics. One is a $5,000 instrument handmade in Ireland by the dude who builds Ed Sheeran’s guitars now. The other is a 1970s Japanese import with a giant crack in the back plate that somebody hastily hot glued back together; I paid $149 for it and it’s fucking amazing. So, it depends.

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I can’t spend quite as freely as I used to be able to. $150 is about all I’d spend. where would I go to find something like you’re talking about? thanks for all the info.

Maybe Reverb. I’ll be honest, $150 isn’t a ton for a guitar right now. The market totally blew up since covid and deals are tough to find. You’d be looking for a vintage import sleeper at that price point, and it’s really a dice roll on how much work it may need. Actually, a local pawn shop might be your best bet. Really depends on what you want though. A steel string acoustic guitar? I can try to steer you in the right direction.

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it’s ok, dont do that, I’m not likely to follow through with stuff these days. i may just get this one strung up and fixed and call it a day.

I can tell you what I have. The one I paid $149 for was an Alvarez 5014 variant from the mid 70s. Mine is a different model number b/c it has some slightly different appointments (neck binding, herringbone), but it’s essentially just a 5014 which is the most common model. Here is a recent (?) ebay auction for one that appears to be in excellent condition and somehow comes with a hardshell case at this price:

The reason I recommend these as a starter / beater guitar is because I’ve played a handful of them and they were all pretty good. The fact that they’re still on the market is a testament to the construction, which was very good from Alvarez at the time and highly underrated. If you could score one of these for under $200 in decent shape, I’d call that a win.

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The Youtube algos are good and sucked me into watching an hour-long docu on Slash the other night. Dude might be the most laid back person I’ve ever seen. Pretty interesting backstory on him I wasn’t familiar with.

@Rivaldo Bruh, u married?

Trivia: She’s related to Johann Strauss and was inspired to play guitar by the Crossroads scene with Vai:

Signature model (JIVA series) is based on the Ibanez S series, a classic 80s shred machine known for its extremely thin body. Imagine seeing a signature model guitar with your name on it for the first time, that must be fucking wild. Especially in a traditionally sexist, male-dominated culture like guitar.


did she until just recently uh play with Alice Cooper?

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Yep, she was with him for a while and just recently announced she’s leaving.

Two country influenced shredders:


One more country shredder:

God I love the solo in this tune.

1960s National Val-Pro 88 “Map” guitar

Fiberglass body on these with a the same foam gaskets they used to seal vintage refrigerators. Always wanted one after seeing it in a guitar book I had as a kid. The prices aren’t insane so I should probably try to move on one before that’s no longer true.

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