The Presidency of the Joes, part II: No one fucks with Dank Brandon

I support abolishing the suburbs.

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I’m not falling for that Green Acres crap!

We all voted for Biden knowing exactly what would happen. It’s our fault.

It really isn’t our fault. Most of us gave money to, supported and/or more for Bernie. Yes we all knew what Biden would be but we also knew what Trump would be and we made the right choice of two bad choices.


Yep Biden is as Biden does…but good god if Trump was still president.

We are still 99+% WAAF. Trump president right now would be 100%.


Actually pretty fucking surprised desantis is sitting next to biden at all.

I know I’m late to the party on the whole Biden potentially being banned from communion thing, but I didn’t see this take anywhere.

The church’s position is nonsensical because they are not making a distinction between supporting a thing and supporting a legal ban on a thing. If Joe Biden thinks that cheating on your wife is bad, but that you shouldn’t go to jail for it, that doesn’t make him pro-adultery.

They are basically implying that anything short of being in favor of establishing a Catholic theocracy is unacceptable for a Catholic president.


I mean it’s the catholic church. Their inconsistency is one of the best traits.




If Trump were still POTUS, we’d have 1M+ dead from Covid and probably 80% of this forum still isn’t vaccinated.

We are also lucky Hillary didn’t win because if she did, Trump would have won in 2020 and just been handed a pandemic.

This makes me so depressed. WAAF

For those counting at home Joe Biden has now wasted 6 months of his presidency, roughly half the actual time he’s going to have with a (D) trifecta excluding lol recesses and 2022 campaign season. He has accomplished absolutely nothing on:

Tax Reform
Climate Change
Gun Control
Voting Rights
Court Reform
Campaign Finance

Also his justice department is terrible, like laughably so.

Not great.


The economy is a mess and we in a global pandemic. I mean that’s Biden’s focus right now.

And yea I get it. He can focus on multiple things but those are his priorities right now.

Obama already tasked the DoJ with figuring out what he could do about guns through executive action, the answer was next to nothing.

It’s also political suicide. Nothing would hand the GOP a trifecta more in 2024 than stricter gun laws. People are dum and libs want your gunz.

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Hardly seems like we’re trying about the bolded.

Putting $2t on the credit card counts as trying.

That’s not the metric Biden is going by. He’s going by job numbers vs Trump.