The Presidency of the Joes, part II: Do What Now?

These national finance are analogous to personal finance takes are the absolute nut low.

True, but @iron81 does have a point that big government spending through borrowing is in fact a policy. I agree with the broader point that Biden’s admin is doing too little too slowly. But its almost destined at this point, the US in on the decaying empire playbook and there’s no play in the playbook that says Old Guard Has An Epiphany That The Old Way Won’t Work.



Corrupt is the wrong word. Biden has clearly ceded way too much of his policy to big money interests. But corruption suggests operating outside the system. Ceding government power to corporations is how the system is designed.

Biden will work hard to keep at least one of his campaign promises

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Lololololololllllll ok joe

WhY dIdNt yOuNgs VoTe in 2022???


And some of you think he will accomplish nothing. Who doesn’t want more police funding!


I mean he’s got more important things on his plate than some random athlete smoking weed. He probably never even heard of her until asked the question. Be mad at the reporter for not asking about Moscow Mitch or Manchin.

I’m probably risking the wrath of some but the Biden presidency is kind of like a night out in England. The pints start and everyone is having fun and then your dinner comes and its frozen peas and gray meat and then next thing you know you are pissing in a public park holding your half eaten chip shop box and saying FUCK WHY DID I DO THIS AGAIN.


Don’t worry the government is working strong to stop domestic terrorists

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Jessica Reznicek, an immensely strong & courageous Water Protector, was sentenced on Wednesday to 8 years in federal prison for her actions to stop #DAPL

I guess “activist jailed after taking credit for eco terrorism” isn’t as catchy as calling her a “Water Protector”.

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There was no terrorism. They are heroes.


Only if you agree with them.

Damaging operating pipelines is incredibly reckless and someone will die. These are very high pressure systems.

This is a very stupid way to protest.

Standing around with signs is a stupid way to protest imo.

Ok. But the chances of killing an innocent bystander is pretty low.

Pretty sure it’s well established that any nun on the run gets a trip to Brazil. That should be the punishment.

Maybe they are heroic terrorists.

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