The Presidency of the Joes: more like INFRASTRUCTURE WEAK

We could probably do with a total and complete shutdown on remarks about other posters’ mental health.


“Are you crazy?” and such is a staple of political discussion. So that’s a tall order. But given what has been going on around here lately (and I’m not even fully aware of all of it), you’re probably not wrong.




One of them gets it.

Not going to be enough unfortunately. Need hundreds more.

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It is super fun and awesome that Mitch McConnell is still running the Senate from the minority.

Even granting this whole two track nonsense is for Manchin and Cinema, Chuck needs to vote on the so-called bipartisan bill right now. It won’t pass, and in fact will be filibustered, accelerating the timeline for reconciliation, which will inevitably just be “whatever Joe Manchin wants.” It’s unconscionable to waste this much time.

Like we’re actually fucking doing this. Just exhausting and so unbelievably frustrating. Then they’ll wonder why nobody turned out in 2022. I hate these people so much.

Infrastructure Week really needs to be Infrastructures Weak.


Finally the US is back to doing what it does best.

Pretty sure its because we are too stupid to understand their brilliant legislative strategy. Oh well, Nancy has a fridge full of ice cream to console herself.

It’s all just so painfully predictable and stupid.

Jfc Christ. They got a firm grip on Mitch’s balls and instead of crushing them they decided to blow him.

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lol at how everyone was like “OMG DEMS FINALLY FIGURED OUT HOW TO WIN” then 15 seconds later “we regret to inform you that the democrats have sat on their own balls again”


dems need to make this guy the senate leader and let him handle Mitch


One of my fav tiktoks

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Narrator: there were zero Republicans


Apparently they want to use unemployment funds to fund part of infrastructure.

Watery dune hair