The Presidency of the Joes: more like INFRASTRUCTURE WEAK

Finally the US is back to doing what it does best.

Pretty sure its because we are too stupid to understand their brilliant legislative strategy. Oh well, Nancy has a fridge full of ice cream to console herself.

It’s all just so painfully predictable and stupid.

Jfc Christ. They got a firm grip on Mitch’s balls and instead of crushing them they decided to blow him.

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lol at how everyone was like “OMG DEMS FINALLY FIGURED OUT HOW TO WIN” then 15 seconds later “we regret to inform you that the democrats have sat on their own balls again”


dems need to make this guy the senate leader and let him handle Mitch


One of my fav tiktoks

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Narrator: there were zero Republicans


Apparently they want to use unemployment funds to fund part of infrastructure.

Watery dune hair



And also…

I mean Trump had historic disapproval ratings his entire term and still got 47% of the vote, so this is no surprise.

Its almost like the corrupt system gave us two options, each of which sucks.

Looking forward to the Democrats monstrous $30 billion reconciliation package that Senator Manchin allows them to pass.

FYP. Still annoying Manchin forced this whole charade to maybe eventually do something less than adequate.

What does this even mean. If it’s supposed to make me feel better, it failed.

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