The Presidency of Donald J. Trump: Equal Parts Sad and Embarrassing

2 more months. Then hopefully only 2.5 more.

@goofyballer the village idiot won’t be able to find his way to this thread without your help.


Now until January is going to age me probably about 15 years


In b4 the dotard




Yeah not for nothing but the presidency’s stark visual aging of folks has certainly extended past the potus to my own bathroom mirror. Maybe we will go to rugged frontier beauty standards.


I’m on the wrong side of 40 now but somehow I haven’t lost hair or even gone grey. I have a lot of room to age just terribly in a hurry. And here we go.


Well I can tell you from experience, even with my shaved head I went from people being shocked to find out my age (No way!) to no eye brow raised in a short number of years. Starting around 43. Not a fan.


I went to the optometrist the day after my 40th birthday and he asked me if I was still able to read books and newspapers with my glasses on and I said yes. He told me that I’d probably lose the ability soon. Next fucking day is when it happened.


I had never had any back problems whatsoever, really never any kind of back injury. Starting at about 40 and one month I strain the exact goddamn spot in my lower back about every 8 weeks.

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Age is just a number… that says how fucking old you are


He effed with your prescription because he was mad.

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This shit just started with me. Reading with my contacts in is unbearable.

I tried contacts for a year or so in my early 40’s and gave up on them. Giant PITA. I’ve never had a pair of glasses get glued to my fucking eyeball before, so I’m sticking with them from here on out.

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I feel like I just have the wrong prescription. Contacts and sitting in front of Pro Tools all day is unbearable, especially because I have it set up for max screen real estate (small fonts). I wear glasses most of the time and it’s not fun either but nowhere near as fatiguing as contacts.

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I never used to have that problem. I read my phone and shit with my glasses off when at home but I need sunglasses when outside so I wear contacts most of the time when not at home. Reading anything up close then is a pain in the ass. I need an eye exam so probably going with progressives or whatever lmao.


I would love to be able to wear my contacts right now, but I can’t because somewhere between Ohio and home, I picked up fucking pink eye! ARGH of all the stupid shit. I’m sure all the crying and wiping my eyes with kleenex, etc didn’t help in this matter, but staring at a screen in anything but dark mode right now is torture, contacts or no. I’m nearly blind without glasses, tough, so my days have consisted of sitting at the computer for ~1 hour, then laying down resting, then using my phone for a bit because I can hold that close enough to my face to read it without wearing my glasses.

I haven’t had this since I was a kid, and it’s 5000 times worse than I remember. I look like Don Jr. at the RNC, and even though the rest of my body is perfectly fine, all I want to do is sleep because I feel like shit. Also, I’m quarantining because the only thing more contagious than COVID is fucking pink eye, so here we are.


Effin pink eye. When my son was 5 he brought it home from Kindergarten. The doc gave us enough drops for the whole family.

What the F did Trump say about his ass tonight?

I stopped wearing contact lenses when I needed reading glasses if they were in.

Got a friend that can wear those contacts you can sleep in for quite a while. Fuck him. Softest disposable contacts were still too rough for my eyes.