The Former Presidency of Donald J. Trump, Volume XII: The Dirty Dozen

The eleventh Trump thread has hit 10,000 posts, time for another one.

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Straight into my veins, imo.


Candace Owens is extremely good at this.

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Candace Owens: Professional Race Traitor

So she’s gonna go with “He’s not evil, he’s just dumb”.

Surely Trump has to unload on her for that. And if he doesn’t I guess however she pulled that off is the real skill.

This isn’t real, right?

Reads a bit too on the nose.


There is no objective reality anymore. It is both real and fake.


You really think dems would have decided to ignore Fauci & 99% of scientists just because Trump leaned into it too?

I don’t think much of shitlibs but I highly doubt that.

Unless you just mean due to income gaps, better healthcare etc that if they both listened more dems would die due to poverty and them still having to go to work during outbreaks which I would agree with.


Not like that really but I’m not sure if you remember what it was like with trump in charge? There was pressure to downplay risks and change info from trump and if he were on tv screaming about how he invented the three vaccines himself in record time every single day I would feel a lot less confident. Harris is on record saying the same thing. Birx was compromised. And frankly there is some fraction of the left that would be vaccine hesitant if they were pushed that direction same as the right. Antivax was not a right wing movement before covid. I know people on both sides who shifted with their party. We can pretend that only trumpers are dumb enough to fall for that shit but ffs man, if anything there is some cognitive dissonance the other direction at this point. We say we trust scientists on the left but the scientists are saying take precautions over the holidays due to omicron or we may get swamped and people are like, nah don’t feel like it. There is a big pharma conspiracy that has been confirmed and exposed and caused 6-7 figure death in the form of opioids with doctors and pharmacies all implicated and we act like it is looney toons to think it’s possible. But when we want/need to believe something we go with pure faith in the system and “science”. When we have the ability to switch black and white thinking on and off and the need to shut down anything that threatens it, it doesn’t only get applied in good way.

Nonsense. Name one Democratic primary contender who was openly anti-vax or vax-hesitant.

jill stein was on the fringe left, even as she was a stooge for the right.

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It was never a mainstream issue in either party before covid, antivaxxers were a fringe movement with no traction in either party.

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I think JT was alluding to the privileged liberal class anti vaxxers pre Covid. There were certainly plenty of rich liberal Dr. Oz / Goop consumers that rejected vaccines because they had greater faith in things that are restricted for access by rich people.

I think the big difference is that more of the left would have come around when the scientific community nearly universally blessed the vaccine, but agree there would have been some initial hesitancy on the left

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I remember and I feel like the only worry was if Trump himself rushed the vaccine himself and it didn’t have scientific consensus.

I feel pretty confident that if they had scientific consensus we would have all been on board. We were worried he was going to approve the russia vaccine or just do moderna and it would only be US approved. But if it got EU approval too everyone would have been fine.

So yeah there was some worry he would approve something that wasn’t ready for approval before the election to get re-elected. But I think if most scientists outside of his control confirmed it nobody but the left wing conspiracy theorists would have hesitated.

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No actual politicians but there has always been a very small part of hippies who don’t like to put anything " man made " into their bodies and are all natural only that were anti vaxx. I know some of them.

That said 99% of them don’t vote, they just have some ideals that align with the further left. But they don’t even vote for progressives.

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