Rounders Movie Night

Rounders Movie Night!
Tonight at 8:30 EST


Ok now I see the right thread. Does Join the Party do anything or just link to Netflix? I can’t log on to Netflix on my computer. But someone loaded it on my Roku with their account once and it still works.

Never seen Rounders believe it or not.

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Using the Party extension ensures you are synced with the rest of us since I am controlling playback.

Otherwise just start as close to the scheduled time as you can and we’ll discuss here.

I wonder if I can trigger the party function from Roku

I have Oreos. I am excite

yes it’s come to this don’t low bar shame me bro


Don’t have a Netflix subscription, but I’ll be watching along.


So if I download the chrome extension, the link you posted will take me to the party room?

Yes. Which will sync your viewing with ours as it will be me controlling playback. But as long as you start at 8:30, you will be more or less synced.

Good timing. A group of buddies are setting up a private poker game online, and we are going to video chat during it.

Is there any way that I can get this to sync through Netflix that I access through my playstation

Dammit. I’m completely beat. Gotta count me out :frowning:

What are they using to setup a private game? Have been talking to some friends about doing this and we haven’t figured out anything great yet.

Something called blockchain poker. Don’t know anything about it, but one of my buddies said he played the other night with a group of friends and it worked well

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i downloaded the extension and shoudl be goood, seems you still have to post a link to a party once you go in and get ready to start it as the host?

i say that because i click the link above even with the extension and it just starts the movie.

Hmm ty I am investigating

Here’s a new link:

If we can’t figure out the bugs, let’s just agree to start at 8:30 on the DOT and we’ll be good.

That’s in 15 minutes.

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ok i got it, you click the link and go to netflix, once you are there you have to click the red NP party icon in top right of chrome to join

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Yup. Seems to be working fine. Some of the reviews on the google store had me worried

The hype is building

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