RFC: Permabans

I support this other than letting previously perma-banned people get a revote - they should have the same process to be unbanned.

I’d also scrap the wager one - I feel those bets are dumb, but even if they weren’t it’s not the job of the mods to enforce such bets.


It would be great in general if people could resist the urge to try to identify other posters as sockpuppets.

That would require a modicum of self control though.

Two things about this:

  1. This is a vote to just end permabans (which are already exceptionally rare), period. No one is ever going to get banned via a mod-initiated RFC. It’s not going to happen. So given that…
  2. Whoever you (general “you”) think the villains on this forum are, whoever you think is trolling in every post & bullying your friends & constantly acting in bad faith - imagine how much worse their behavior will be once they know there is no chance they are ever getting permabanned here.

I wanted to see how far this would go, but…

Rampant racism or repeated harassment of other posters do not fall under those exceptions. Do you believe such posters should not be at risk of permabans?

Do those who see this as potential backdoor for reinstating Sabo support an explicit permaban procedure if I omitted this part?

I don’t know that there needs to be a clear definition for what deserves a permaban. It should rely upon evolving community standards as determined by all.

I would guess that candidates for permabans would be posters who earn a sufficient number of temp-bans that the mods are fed up with the behavior or people who commit egregiously bad acts that can be substantiated.

I’d have to be convinced that “a community based on respect and belonging” is even a plausible goal.

your manifesto doesn’t provide contingency for such a dilemma? :heart:

Other: 100%.

I am fundamentally opposed to perma-bans. (FWIW I do support ever-increasing temp-bans.)

Is the status quo on the site that moderators can issue a permaban as they individually see fit? Does it require approval of the full mod team?

Rugby did start a mod coordination thread after I reversed a couple of your permbans but I don’t know how much it’s still used.

Right right, I wasn’t trying to relitigate the bans or anything just pointing out there is a place for mods to communicate with one another to coordinate actions.

  1. Actually you caught up some Captains gimmicks pretending to be me so that was funny; and
  2. I certainly never pm’d you asking that you permaban me. I believe I requested the 2 week cooldown ban followed by a permaban in a general post. But you had some serious banlust, so you skipped the step, I get it.

I also believe this was after you “resigned” as moderator.

I definitely don’t, but someone should let me know if this is actually true.

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There are 63 of them so far.


You aren’t in RivermanDAO yet? What the fuck have you been doing for the last two days?!?



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24/72 might be overpriced