Police Murder George Floyd Then Riot Nationwide (Links to Streams in OP)

I disliked him mostly because if it wasn’t for him my guy Mark Martin would likely have won some championships in those years. I definitely respected his talent.


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A much better statue.


Ban worthy post imo. :grin:

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Yeah I was a Rusty Wallace stan back when I cared about it. It seemed like it was always Gordon or E and my guy and the rest were always also rans in those days.

My dad was a big Petty guy I’ve got an autographed picture of one of his cars from the 60s around here somewhere

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The Nazi flag is illegal in Germany so a lot of white power groups there use the Confederate flag instead.


Portsmouths VA Boom goes another statue :eyes:


Sounds like they beheaded three of them with a sledgehammer.


Toppling cannot be enough, right? Don’t the statues need to be damaged beyond repair as well??

Well that dude’s head is even more fucked up than it was in the 1860’s, which is really saying something. I don’t think they’re putting that back together.


Makes me love Jazz music even more :trumpet:

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Merriam-Webster is going to revise the definition of racism in its online dictionary to make it harder for racists to cut-and-paste their definition of racism in support of racist arguments.




I don’t think that’s accurate.

Hopefully someone like @Sabo will correct me on labor law:

The cops in Chicago haven’t had a collective bargaining agreement for a number of years. This means the provisions of the previous contract are in effect until a new one is signed. Many of those provisions make it hard to rein cops in.

So there’s only two ways to get them to agree to a new contract with new safeguards: lock them out or offer them enough money to accept the safeguards. A lockout is unthinkable and the city is broke. I don’t know how to fix this.

I still have a ticket to RATM show in Oakland, which is now postponed to 2021. That’s a shame, because I’m not sure there will be a 2021.


No. No contract means the bosses can do whatever they like. Likewise, the workers can strike if they want.

Certain “essential” workers, like cops, firemen, nurses and railroad workers will usually have their rights to strike/etc restricted by various schemes of mandated arbitration y/o “cooling off” periods, if not outlawed completely. For cops this would be on a state-by-state basis. These schemes are all anti-worker.

As I mentioned before, the problems isn’t that cops have unions, and outlawing cop unions, besides being a human rights abuse, won’t solve any problems.

The problem is the current cop unions are yellow unions… they represent the interests of the cop bosses, not the rank-n-file cops. The reason cops aren’t held accountable is the cop bosses want it that way. Full stop. Not all cop shops are organized, not hardly. Federal cops can’t legally organize. MPs can’t legally organize. The same shit happens everywhere.


Speaking of which, I really wish it would pop by since the protests started.

The video shows officers catching up to Scott and tackling him.

“I can’t breathe,” said Scott.

The officer responded, “I don’t care.”

“I need my medicine. I need my medicine,” Scott said.

Wizards of the Coast bans 7 cards from sanctioned play for racist depictions.


A US teenager has been shot dead by local police in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca in yet another shocking case of police abuse and brutality.

The 16-year-old victim – identified only as Alexander – was killed on Tuesday night after he went out to buy soda, according to media reports.

Details of the shooting remain unclear. News agency Quadratín said Alexander was shot at from a patrol car in an attack that injured a friend. The newspaper Reforma quoted a family member, who said Alexander was riding on a motorcycle with a 15-year-old boy at around 10.50pm and was chased by police.

“They were in a petrol station buying a soda. They started to shoot, and because these 15- and 16-year-old boys were scared, they ran,” a cousin, Dulce Darián, told Reforma.

“They didn’t give them the option to stop or take off their face masks. They simply started to shoot and they shot him in the head. Alexander died instantly because the police didn’t want to give him first aid.”

Prosecutors in Oaxaca have opened an investigation into the shooting in the town of Acatlán de Pérez Figueroa, but provided no details, according to a brief statement

The killing comes just days after a wave of national indignation over the death of Giovanni López, a construction worker in western Jalisco state, who was forcibly detained by municipal police for not wearing a mask and found dead the next day by his family.

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