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I have been thinking about this for a while because I have projects that I am sometimes looking to get help with. Coding, video and audio, graphic design etc., and have thought about the possibility of offering a la cart jobs to people who are cutting their teeth. Aside from the collision of rl and this site, and the considerations there, there are other things as well.

I also have projects that I would like to share but do not want to do so in a marketing way. I have product that I helped launch on Kickstarter that just went live, and part of the process is to share it with people I know. I’m not trying to exploit this group or set a precedent for that kind of thing, though. It really is more that this is a legit social circle of mine.

I feel dirty even bringing this up because I really am not a MLM dipshit. Thought I would throw it out there though and see what others feel about it.

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I’ve got zero issue with talking about my own personal business ventures on the internet. And there’s no reason to feel dirty unless you’re planning to make money from something other than exchanging value for that money.

MLM’s are scummy because they are scams that derive their revenue from their ‘business partners’ instead of from customers who are willingly buying the service. As long as that isn’t you they aren’t relevant. Not even if you run a recruiting service. Even when you trade in human talent it’s still not the same thing as an MLM because you intend for that talent to get paid.

I’m very into doing projects. The solar/electrical real world stuff I do now takes about half my time and I’m looking to get (back) into computer programming/web stuff more.

Currently I have one major side-project which is solar related (for-profit) and I’m writing a screenplay with a friend. I would like to be part of starting a worker-cooperative solar installation company focused on refugee/asylum seeker kind of worker-owners. In the hopper I have an online store that sells products produced by worker cooperatives. I have a couple other more stupid ideas. If anyone is interested in those let me know and of course, let me know about your projects and maybe I’ll be interested.

I think this group should be exploited. As the hunter said, “Up in our country we are human! And since we are human we help each other.”


I’d feel comfortable with it is it was a walled off area that people who did not want to have their time here sullied with perceived solicitation.

IMHO if any thread/sub-forum is labeled properly it’s cool. Are you thinking just a thread (seems sufficient to me)?

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Yeah there are two themes really as far as I’m concerned for my own use.

One is maybe a marketplace where people can offer/discuss services Etc.

Like for example, if someone needs a logo or some sort of creative done they can post saying what they are looking to get and people can pm them for details.

The other is just sharing things we are involved in, like this kickstarter project I’m working on, without it feeling like spam at all for anyone who is not here for that.

Something like the old 2p2 Marketplace subforum seems reasonable

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I’m definitely looking for help (ie I’m soliciting) with the selling products from cooperatives/socially responsible purchasing site. My business plan there is if you come I’ll build it. Anyone who has a product that they regularly buy, if they let me know, microdaughter (who is in on it) will scour the globe for the best source and deliver it at cost + some undetermined markup. Ad hoc at first and if there are any takers we’ll build a system around that.

I like the idea of a marketplace and offering services in a dedicated thread or forum seems perfectly fine to me. Really can’t think of a reason to not do it.

Anybody here interested in game development, unity specifically? I have a dream project in unity that I just can’t turn the corner on atm but would welcome collaborating on a game to ship. I do own some of the nicer asset store packages, and I have an investor/pal that can thrown a bit more as needed.

Beyond that if anybody is soliciting an intern-1st year level coder for some stuff, feel free to pm, I can do some graphic design too although I don’t think I’ve seen microdaughter’s prowess yet

Good quote:

“Up in our country we are human!” said the hunter. “And since we are human we help each other. We don’t like to hear anybody say thanks for that. What I get today you may get tomorrow. Up here we say that by gifts one makes slaves and by whips one makes dogs.”


So another project thought. I’ve been getting interested in van conversion and have long been interested in tiny homes. I worked with a friend of mine today who has done a lot of solar and also restored old cars. We’re in business if anyone wants a van conversion or tiny house. First customer gets cost plus 10%.


Sounds bad ass! What’s the model? We find it you convert it?

We talk about possibilities, needs, desires, budget and come up with a plan.

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Btw zikzak, I got Nomadland. Depressing and inspiring so far.

I want to start a side business making and installing security cameras in people’s homes. You can make a very nice system, using free to use licensed software, using nothing but a few raspberry Pi’s and some high end webcams, for like 1/10th of the cost that mainstream guys charge. I just don’t really know how to get started.

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I have talked to a guy I know who occasionally refers solar to me about stuff like this. His main biz is landscaping and I was thinking of devices like security, climate control, lighting, and watering that have APIs that you could use to create a complete system.

If a package were put together I could probably have some people trying to sell it, but I’m not quite bullish enough about its viability to put much time into it.

And I was thinking of raspberry pis.

It’s unbelievably easy to build. There’s so much open source software out there that is AMAZING it just requires someone to install it. You could train people to do it.

Pi’s are incredible devices and can run compact linux-esque systems very efficiently. I cant think of a single thing you couldnt do on one.

So, update on this. I’ve been holding off starting other side projects waiting for one of the two I’m working on to get to a point where I don’t have anything to do, but I’m waiting on other people for both of those and going to maybe proceed on this.

I know this is a pretty dumb and cutesy name. I think the best domain names are like totally meaningless or close to it and don’t make you think of much of anything at all. But, whatever, I like this and am going with it at least for develpment. (link won’t work, I just registered it)

Kropotkin may not be exactly my favorite Anarchist ideologically, but he’s still my favorite Anarchist.

I’m not going to put a lot of work into the website unless needed. It’ll still be a minute before I get this running, but I’m going to start with Wordpress and a shopping package - woocommerce. I set up a store for someone else using it once. It was pretty easy. It hasn’t really been tested with much use, but it’s been up and live without crashing for quite a while anyway. And as a side benefit, it’s not a terrible career move. People lol PHP all the time, but there’s still a lot of need for it for legacy stuff and I have like 5 years experience and there’s still a big community for Wordpress and people doing consulting for it.

Anyway, if any of you know of any worker cooperatives that could sell stuff online, let me know.

Have you done any actual tinkering yet? I thought it was kind of a nightmare tbh. There’s a lot of info on IPcamtalk and most of it seems to be people have problems.