Non-Political Ranting: Unleash Your Anger ITT


Beyond the standard ones, my pet peeves are “broke” when it should be “broken” (As in, “Door is broke, please go around”), acrost, excape, nucular, and “step foot in”. It’s “set foot in” goddammit, and I’ll die on that hill.

If you step foot in that nucular plant, you’ll never excape because the bridge acrost the reactor core chamber is broke.


Over here (UK) some people say “draw” instead of “drawer”. Chez even wrote in in a post recently, ffs.

I personally know someone who boycotted an establishment he otherwise liked because he noticed they listed “expresso” on the menu. I understand.


I’d rather have students tell me that they don’t give a shit about school instead of firing out a bunch of shitty excuses or even worse, twisting things around to somehow blame me for their mistakes.

I could really use an anger translator. Wonder what Luther’s up to.

Lol fu.

Fuck the owner of AFC and fuck me for paying to watch this constantly deteriorating garbage.

Next person to tell me they ‘can’t’ do something before they give it a try will be getting a KITN.

Will be a while before I speak to the last person to be so fucking lazy.

There is a backstory but I’m keeping it to myself.

Me: I can’t do heroin. I have a highly addictive personality.


You…I can’t do this important but simple task when asked because I’m a lazy fucker that won’t take a minute or two to learn something new.
Me…I’m gonna kick you in the nuts!

I was my dad’s apprentice, think I told him once that ‘I cant’ do something and never said it again.

“Between you and I” nuke from orbit

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Marty: Would you like to have dinner?
Girl: I can’t…

You’re being ignorant.

And starting to get my back up.

Basically what really pisses me off is when someone has obligations but fail to lift a finger or try for even 1 second to meet those obligations. I’d like to KITN anyone that fucks me about or costs me money with their laziness and can’t do attitude.

You’re really going off. You think this thread is for non-political ranting or something?

Was just messing with you. I know I’m not known for it but I can crack wise occasionally.

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Should ask them if they are an AmeriCAN or an AmeriCAN’T IMO

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The person that put this in my mind went away on a trip with us, we named him non-co (non coperative) lol.

People who sit in the front and think they can mess with a man’s radio, Clyde you say, should be right hook Clyde all day everyday…

And what shit is Hugh keeven today… And a DJ that’s never played a tune in his life.

Mind you I wish the same could be said for the bastard that though of the GBX roadshow, 1,000,000 beats a Sec, sloooooow down ya rocket.

Bring back Tiger Tim… We loved you Tim.

DAW? Get yourself this Synthstrom Deluge. I got your bleep bloop also.

Disclaimer: I still use Ableton and Reaper

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Everyone talks about all this wicking bullshit, but fuck that, cotton is king.

Nothing like having a cleaning lady giving you unsolicited medical advice on how to handle epilepsy. Doubly bad that it’s horrible advice involving stopping my medication and replacing it with meditation, yoga, and telling myself that I’ll never have a seizure again.

I know it comes from a good place but it’s pretty infuriating that people suddenly think they’re medical experts because they read conspiracy theories about big pharma and pseudoscience on Natural News.

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