New Themes and Layout

I have a couple of new themes called Light and Dark. You can find them under the hamburger menu. Each theme can be customized in four ways:

  • Regular width or Wide Screen
  • Plain or with Tiger Stripes (horizontal rows display in alternating colors)
  • With or without the Sidebar in Latest view (the sidebar now includes the Unstuck twitter feed underneath the list of Categories)
  • With the New and Improved Categories View that zikzak developed, or with the old Categories View

To change preferences, click on Preferences under the hamburger menu
which will take you to your interface preferences page, where you can click buttons to change settings:

You don’t need to save preferences after you click the button, but you will need to refresh once you go back to wherever you were in the forum.

The themes also work on your mobile device, where you have the option for tiger stripes or not, and if you select Desktop view on your phone from the hamburger menu, you can use the embedded posts feature to see which post is being replied to:
And the post will display above Clovis’s post

They should also work in Mobile view but I haven’t really tested that.

Here are some screenshots:

New Categories View

Sidebar with Twitter Feed (shown with tiger stripes)

Please let me know about bugs, along with the theme you were using and the settings (wide or not, stripes or not, etc). Once these themes are stable, they’ll replace all the other light and dark themes so we can get rid of some of the clutter.


I know how much work ggoreo put into these, and it is a LOT. Weeks and weeks of his free time were spent developing all this. Please show him some well deserved love for his efforts.


I know it has nothing to do with you guys but every time I have to log in it resets to default and I have to re-select mobile dark and it irritates me

You must be deleting the site cookies somehow. Do you have a plugin that might be doing this?

I’m using Firefox Focus and that’s actually a feature so yeah

If you can’t disable that or whitelist this site you could try clicking “Make this the default theme on all my devices” the next time you select a theme. I think that stores your preference in the database.

Cool thanks

If you use one of the following themes:

  • Alternate Backgrounds
  • Dark Colors
  • Mobile Dark
  • Mobile Light
  • Simple Light
  • Wide Screen
  • Wide Screen Alternate Background

Please switch over to either “Light” or “Dark” as all of them will be disappearing soon, and Light and Dark have options to replicate all of the above (see OP for details). You can find these themes under the hamburger menu.

If you find any bugs, please let me know along with which theme and settins you are using. (Pro-tip: If you change a setting and it doesn’t work like you think it does, try hitting refresh.)

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I will eventually get around to rolling ggoreo’s options into the zz grey and zz neutral themes, and then delete zz alternate backgrounds, leaving us with just 4.

I will also rename them to just Grey and Neutral, because it’s been feeling weirdly narcissistic to have the zz in them.

for real tho Dark looks tight tight tight

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Looks like you fixed it, err or maybe not? Ad is floating here but it wasn’t in another thread, although it’s floating here again.

Dark theme, wide screen setting on

It was for a second working fine in the advertising thread

But on refresh it’s floating there too

yep, it’s a work in progress.

Think I got it. @ me with any other bugs.

eta: not entirely. still issues.

So i use mobile grey but I am unable to change the categories view to the old one (the new view is hard to use on a small screen). There is no preferences option from the hamburger menu in this view but when I switch to another view I get the preferences menu. Let me know if this is something that might be looked at or if the mobile grey view might be discontinued. If it is being removed or won’t be looked at soon that’s no problem and I can play around with some of the other views. Thanks for all the work!!

Edit: looks like after refreshing it a few times the categories view is back to the old one. I’m still unable to go to preferences but the layout works for me now so no big deal.

An update this morning broke some stuff and it took me awhile to get a halfway decent temporary fix in place on all the themes. ggoreo is tentatively planning to implement the Great Theme Consolidation soon, and everything should be simpler and and more streamlined after that.

Ohh ok, no worries. Thank you both for all the work you’re doing

It should work again. The preferences stuff is just on the Light and Dark themes, but it has the new and improved Categories view

Mobile Light and Mobile Dark don’t work anymore so they’re out of circulation but Light and Dark will be the same on mobile as the old ones

Yup looks like everything is working again. Thanks!