National Basketball Association - 2022/23 Season

the world is so starved for sports I could see this getting 100 million in viewership.

I can see the protests starting when the first player gets H-O

I’m going to go ahead and officially use my One Time here.

I remember when the HORSE AS game in '09 or watev had Kevin Durant, Rajon Rondo, and Omri Casspi.

I got Durant at like -180 LOL

This aged poorly


Lol. Came here to quote this. Even though at the time I agreed with it.

Sounds like I didn’t miss anything.

Should have had Ben Simmons as a contestant so he could forfeit a letter whenever his opponent makes a three.

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So no Jordan bird and a Big Mac?

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To be fair, the HORSE competition suffered from having to follow a killer act: ESPN had just shown a 7 hour marathon of the Scripps (Howard) National Spelling Bee. Last one was the epic 2008 competition, ending with guerdon. But the real high point from 2008 was Sidharth Chand seeming like he was fluent in French when spelling introuvable.

Fun fact: Official word pronouncer Jacques Bailly was the 1980 champion.


Jesus. They needed the guys known for participating in epic shooting contests daily.

I mean that is absurdly ridiculous.

So being good at spelling leads to an exciting career as a word reader?

Umm, he’s an Associate Professor at the University of Vermont:

and more importantly, starred AS HIMSELF, in Akeelah and the Bee.

So who’s laughing now?

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All gifs suck. It’s a horrible format being used for something it was never intended, and the internet will be a glorious place when they finally die a much deserved death.

We just updated yesterday, but it doesn’t look like that fix is actually live yet.

IN the meantime, video uploads are allowed. Here’s 1 and a half minutes of a skateboarding cat with audio that’s smaller than your basketball gif.

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Oh hey, you can save as mp4 from imugr too. Here’s the same basketball clip in that format, saved locally and uploaded here. 367 kb.

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Kendall Jenner dropped Ben Simmons for Devin Booker? Guess she needs a shooter’s touch.

She has put together a decent starting five.


Apparently on you can watch every game from the 19-20 season for free.

Definitely recommend some Luka games. Second. Lakers / Mavs game, mans beating bucks in Milwaukee without Luka. Toronto coming back from like 30 down to beat mavs.

What games should we watch from your team?

+1 to Luka love

Favorite player to watch. ++ vision.

He’s Nash with size.

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