Major League Baseball

Was working on a giant OP that had goofy pics of last year’s champs, the MVPs, the teams with new managers, the sign-stealing scandal (remember?), and the lolyankees. Instead we got,


yay boys of summer

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There will be two separate base paths, 6 feet apart, and phantom tags will be outs.


This would have been the year the Braves didn’t let me down

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I was looking forward to watching the reigning Cy Young award winner and rookie of the year and HR champ find a way to finish no better than 3rd again

Yeah, I was planning on (a) recording daily pretend money line bets, (b) take up playing DFS, (c ) reboot my 42yo fantasy league this season, and (d) watching the hated Yankees beat my Red Sox. While Sabo doggy, the biggest little Padres fan there is, was (e) looking forward to a team, which could reasonable said to odds-on to have a winning record… for the first time in his 8yo life, and was at least hoping I’d (f) change my mind and resume our tour of all of the dog-friendly MLB stadiums (he’s already been to 12 of 23 current MLB, and including MiLB and Georgia State Stadium back when it was Turner Field, 20 stadiums total).

That May plan sounds insane. I’d think an issue with putting sports back on tv like this is it might give a significant number of folks a feeling that things are back to normal. It’s just as bad for sports fans to congregate in man-caves to watch the game as it is in the bars or in the stadium itself.

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MLB such noobs. Everyone knows private island is the way to go.

Playing baseball beneath the palm trees while outfielders dodge falling coconuts. Outrigger canoes in the surf waiting to scoop up those home run balls. Grass Skirt races… it has everything.


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This is such a stupid idea that I can only imagine what kind of Byzantine money-grab thought process is behind it.

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Outdoor baseball in the Arizona summer. Sounds delightful.

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I was a bit disappointed with the Dodgers becoming Yankees West. They have the money, they now have the farm system, etc. I’ve never wanted to root for the Evil Empire.

But how can you not love Bellinger’s swing? And then they got Mookie for nothing. Friedman4Prez

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Dude, the Dodgers have been Yankees West since they moved out of Ebbets Field.

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After a few years as Assistant General Manager with the Baltimore Orioles, Malone was hired as the GM of the Los Angeles Dodgers on September 11, 1998. When he was hired, he described himself as the “new sheriff in town.” He also nicknamed himself “Dodger Boy”. Malone’s tenure in Los Angeles, under the new News Corporation owners led to several expensive high salaried stars being signed to huge contracts, including Kevin Brown, Shawn Green and Gary Sheffield.

In April 2001, he got into a verbal argument with a Padres fan in San Diego, who was heckling Sheffield. He resigned a few days later.[1]

Such a tool

But yeah, you’re right. Duke Snider was before my time.

I was born into it as a family thing, only team I’m a “fan” of. Now that I’m not betting I was looking forward to following them daily as something close to an actual one.

Yeah, I kinda forgot about that fool.

From the link referenced in the Wikipedia…

“I found myself always in the middle of trying to explain certain things that I really didn’t think I should have to explain,” said [then Dodger chairman Bob] Daly, who prefers not to be involved in the day-to-day operations. “That had to do with mostly off-the-field situations.”

Daly repeatedly tried to counsel Malone, to no avail… “I had a lot of conversations with Kevin, trying to help him. We would take three steps forward and then we’d slide back two steps. He would sometimes walk into a minefield.”

The latest problem occurred Saturday when Jim Esterbrooks, a Padres season ticket-holder, said Malone began arguing with him during a game at [SDCCU Stadium, then known as] Qualcomm Stadium… Esterbrooks and others… said Malone challenged him to a fight… Former [Dodger] manager Tom Lasorda suggested Malone should have ignored Esterbrooks. “… you can’t get into fights with fans sitting in the stands no matter how bad it gets,” said Lasorda…

And a new stadium was supposed to open in Arlington TX. Sabo doggy would have really liked for me to change my mind, and to have taken him on the following dog game trip: June 7th: Mariners @Marlins; June 9th: Indians @White Sox; June 10th: has Padres @Brewers; June 12th: the Indians again @Rangers.

And, proly the most disappointing… this was to be the season Sabo’s Padres went back to the brown uniforms. :sob:

If we ever get MLB season going, we can do some private DFS tournies on DK/FD.

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while I miss baseball terribly, this plan seems ludicrous.


takes one to know one

today is the 1-year anniversary of the event that gave us one of the greatest pieces of renaissance art (or baseball photography) ever.

(I have this on a t-shirt)


MLB is dumb to try this in May or June. What if a 2nd wave hits? Then you play part of a season but no post season. GJGE.

They should wait til July to see how things are. Play a 50 game short season and then the post season. But only if it’s feasible.

Some players are already bitching the don’t want to be locked away from family for 4 months. It’s an extraordinary situation. Don’t try to make it as normal as possible. Do that after all this passes.


Was wondering how they were getting paid and found this.

Still not sure how long ownership can keep it up without it eventually being a real burden