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Marcos’s VP is Duterte’s daughter in case you thought there might have been a silver lining in the removal of Duterte.

“… first as tragedy, then as farce.”

He’s also the son of one of the worst kleptocrats in history so there isn’t any silver lining.

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Gonna be tough for Marcos to live up to his father’s legacy but I’m sure he will do his best

There was a good summary of the situation on John Oliver’s show. Surprise surprise social media has been used to totally brainwash the people of the Philippines. The prior Marcos family kleptocracy has been recast as a golden age of prosperity for the Philippines. Young people especially have fallen into this trap, they have no concept of the wrongs that were done.

if you guys want to speculate about offspring, Erdogan’s daughter is supposedly also a public figure in waiting.

There’s an interesting contrast to the USA happening in Australia’s upcoming election. Right-wing party going hard on culture war issues and it’s causing a lot of internal strife for them. This article discusses our hard-right, climate denying, catholic nutjob (and lol rhodes scholar) ex-PM trying to stem the bleeding against a prominent (but inevitably losing candidate) with a huge bent against trans people who has been repeatedly endorsed by our current prime minister (he chose her personally without their standard primary [pre-selection] process):

surprise level 3 out of 4 picachus

Winning the hearts and minds of Palestinians at the funeral of the killed journalist



Any perspectives on the Philippine election?

I’m pretty depressed by it. So I haven’t been following too closely. I just can’t handle it. Which is a pretty privileged position I guess.

A few unrelated thoughts.

  1. This is why accountability is so important. Marcos the older destroyed the country. Tortured. Murdered and looted.

There was no accountability. The family got to keep the money and stay part of politics. Albeit mostly in the north rather than on the national level.

There was no clear and established record of facts. No truth and reconciliation. The Marcos clan can now deny the truth and paint it as some glorious past. The “make Philippines great again” effect.

  1. In many ways this is a continuation of the Duterte regime. Although as a realignment of the oligarchs that will take the lead. The Marcos clan were central to Duterte being able to go national, outside of his base in the south. Duterte’s daughter was elected VP. And although they are voted on separately, there was clearly a deal about who would stand for what.

  2. This is really fucking traumatic for lots of my older friends and family. Theres a whole generation of older, educated Filipinos who fought and survived Marcos. They all have stories of arrest, going into hiding, losing friends, torture. My social media has been heartbreaking for months.

As an aside. My in-laws, are now quiet, lovely, slightly traditional but open older folks happily enjoying their later years. Under the Marcos regime they were absolute fucking bad asses. Way cooler than I will ever be, with stories that you wouldnt believe. Sadly, I haven’t heard most of them, and the ones I have arent mine to share.

  1. This memory and experience of the Marcos regime is largely isolated to the educated classes. For most others, living in grinding poverty, oppressed by a parade of petty rulers and local oligarchs, there was nothing particularly unique in the Marcos regime. It’s all been unrelentingly horrible for 400 years.

  2. This latter is why the Leni / Aquino liberal faction is failing. They offer competent government, democracy and a raft of sensible policies, while otherwise doing nothing to challenge the status quo. To well off, educated folks who remember Marcos, this seems like a no brainer, but to everyone else it’s a losing message.


Australia election: conservative government voted out after nearly a decade | Australian election 2022 | The Guardian

The right wing government in Australia lost the election last night.

Interesting election in that the greens and the “teal independents” won a lot of seats. The latter are socially progressive, almost exclusively female, conservatives. Standing on platforms of climate change and an anti corruption body.

The government will go to Labor. The traditional left wing party. However it’s not yet clear whether they have an absolute majority of seats, or will need to form a coalition with the greens or the independents.

The current prime minister scott Morrison conceded the election last night without a fuss, congratulating his opponent, with power being handed over quickly.

The new prime minister will be heading overseas on monday for his first official duties in a meeting of “The Quad” a loose alliance of India, Japan, Australia and the US" which is clearly about countering China.

Election went off without fuss. There were a couple of late shenanigans, but this was things like sending racist texts about refugees or some signs that weren’t properly authorized and were taken down.

I dont want to be smug, and Australia has its problems, but feels pretty good to be living in a functioning democracy right now.