I’ll be bumping this probably hourly until I die. This profession is utterly broken in every way and our legal system sucks.

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I’ve been slowly picking my way through this book, it seems pretty fitting for this thread:


Six academics have just published a research study in SocArXiv that might go down in history as the single paper that pissed off the legal profession more than any other.

Its title—”The Most Discriminatory Federal Judges Give Black and Hispanic Defendants At Least Double the Sentences of White Defendants”—summarizes the big-picture story succinctly. But it does more than the headline suggests: Thanks to a newly created database, and the research done here, we now know the names of the judges handing down the most racist sentences from the federal bench. We know in terms of the disparate sentences these judges give to Black and Latinx defendants, compared with those they give to white defendants for the same crimes.

I’m not familiar with this publication and it doesn’t help that the article’s author looks like a Batman villain but it’s legit afaict.


Just gonna do this until he dies I guess

He’s not at a firm, he’s at a right wing freedumb litigation group. Chris Hayes spit hot fire about this clown tonight. To the credit of some trump appointees in the DOJ, they threatened mass resignation if Trump fired the acting AG and instilled this Clark guy.

Great, so they resign and this Clark guy issues all the orders…. what a great plan/system. What’s the idea, after all these resignations the Senate would finally impeach Trump? Maybe Trump didn’t love his odds of getting away with it in December 2020 but after seeing how Rs bent the knee even after 1/6, I bet he wish he tried…. and that the next R President has taken notes. See Tucker Carlson in Hungary now just openly saying Rs should copy Orban’s blueprint.

Worth watching.

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It was obviously an effective strategy given that Trump backed down due to the threats.

They could have threatened a lot worse to get Trump to back down than promising to hand the keys to the car to Trump and his clown AG and then maybe whining about it to the media. Fighting with their hands tied behind their back and it won’t “work” again.

The fact that the “good” guys thought mass resignation was an effective strategy in (checks notes) the lame duck period of the Trump Presidency is just astonishing. They just do not get it.

From their perspective, it was probably the most effective strategy that they also considered to be morally permissible. In their place, I would have certainly contemplated acts that they would have deemed morally impermissible.

The way you feel about these people choosing to limit themselves is more or less the way I feel about people who choose to place stricter limits on what is allowed than I would.

I still listen to Popehat’s podcast so you don’t have to.

“Lots of people want these people (insurrectionists) thrown in jail. If you do that, the system collapses. That’s just the way it is.”


That’s a direct quote

What was the reasoning for why it would collapse or how though?

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Not enough prosecutors. Hiring more apparently not possible.

? There are what, a couple hundred insurrectionists max? In reality probably only a couple dozen that you really need to prosecute. I feel pretty certain the DC prosecutors’ office can handle that.

Wow! Looks like things are really picking up here!

Let’s see what the follow up was!