LC Thread 2020: Coming in hot as a haddock

Come visit Canada. Up here, our woefully under qualified yet handsome politicians win our national elections. You’ll love it!

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So wtf is a tiger king? I’ve finally seen enough references to this to become curiously annoyed

Oh shit nm it’s that Joe Exotic dude


My life is so awkward.

Yesterday I get a Facebook friend request from someone I don’t know but he’s friends with a couple family members. I ask my mom and turns out he’s a distant cousin I’ve only met once when I was little. He sends me a message last night basically saying the same thing. I don’t know how to respond so I leave it for the time being. My mom texts me today saying btw his dad died yesterday. I go to his Facebook and see if he posted anything about that and turns out it’s also his birthday today.

Wtf do I say to him? Hey thanks for adding me happy birthday also sorry about your dad. This is ridiculous.


Good job tanking the economy.


Looking forward to further Expedia walrus reveals.

Has anyone renewed their passport recently? Do they not send back the old one anymore?

10 years ago I pretended I lost mine when I had to renew so I could keep the old one. Cost like an extra $80 or something. Then my friend said they sent his old one back anyway. So this time I didn’t do it.

That sucks as I had a million stamps and some visas on there. I was pretty attached to it.

I got my old one back last time I renewed, but that was almost ten years ago and you just reminded me my current one expires in September.

I checked on one of the traveler forums. Apparently they mail it back to you in a separate envelope. I also just got my Passport Card in a separate mailing. Govt efficiency ftw.

Odd random question that’s been bugging me but why is the Spotify mobile app so damn slow to start up? I get the spinning green wheel of death for a good couple of minutes. I usually get so frustrated I put on pocketcasts or something to stop wasting my time. Once it gets everything downloaded (I guess?) it works fine. I don’t have a high powered phone but no other app takes so long to get up and running

My spotify opens in about 0.7 seconds so not sure what your issue is.

lol. He’s got a whole channel of Rube Goldbergs


Lurking Chucky doll at the end was awesome. I know how I’m spending my weekend.

I have devoted a decent chunk of totally dead time fighting trolls on reddit. It’s been fun.

There was discussion on water filters here a bit ago and I’m not finding it. Mine has a crack and am tossing it.

Recommendations for a pitcher type filter or link to the previous discussion?

There was a lot of cute dogs in Castro district for sure. And nice shops. And I really enjoyed hanging out in the bars there and mission district I had a bad experience somewhere nice because of the company I was with.

Did you try an authentic Mission burrito? I miss them so much.