LC Thread 2020: Coming in hot as a haddock

So we’re still 90% strong. Sweet!


There was always going to be war with the Soviet Union. The reason it already started in 1941 was because Germany desperately needed oil.

The alliance between Germany and Japan existed on paper only. They shared neither technology nor intelligence. The vast distance between the two empires made trade impossible.
A coordinated attack would have likely defeated the Soviet Union. When it became clear that Japan was not going to attack Stalin was able to redeploy his Far East armies to his Western front to stop the German invasion.

Make real mac and cheese. It’s easy.

Its probably not a good idea to something where the FDA won’t let the manufacturer call it food.

How dare you disparage Annie’s


Edouard Philippe, the French PM has been fired. Sorry, has resigned. New guy is an anonymous right wing technocrat. Macron is a fairly shitty politician, he very visibly has one plan that the country has already largely rejected. This appointment is just quadrupling down on it in an almost comically obvious fashion. I can’t believe I’m saying this out loud, but I’m starting to have some hope that the left has a chance1 in a few years time.

1 Definitely just some chance, not a good chance. What has gone from looking very unlikely to possible is that a conceivable left alliance (socialists, ecologists and whoever else they can get) could get a first round score to challenge Macron and Le Pen. There’s still no actual alliance and, as that article says, a big problem is who the presidential candidate would be. Still, I need something to keep me going, OK?


Right. The real mystery is why Stalin effectively allied with Hitler even though he was a mortal danger to the Soviet Union.

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Birds of a feather?

That is the reason, and he needed to buy time.



I think conservative misinterpretations of pop culture could support it’s own thread.


But they seem to have finally realized that song isn’t appropriate for a Federalist BBQ playlist! That’s the incredible part. All this time I figured they just didn’t care.

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Hahaha jesus. If there’s one thing the Russians DON’T suck at it’s engineering.

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Can’t argue with that. The sarcophagus covering Chernobyl reactor 4 in an engineering marvel!


How long until they figure out what Fortunate Son is about?

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Why isn’t there any smooth jazz white supremacist music?

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You could make a pretty long list of pop culture things that flew over conservatives’ heads. Born in the USA, Rorschach, Robocop, etc. etc.

That’s because smooth jazz listeners are 100% upper-middle-class white dudes who find overt racism declasse.


Because of course…