In Soviet Russia, Television Streams You!

After watching Sunderland 'Til I Die on Netflix and Take Us Home: Leeds United on Amazon, something happened I never thought possible:

I became slightly interested in soccer.

Binged the first two seasons of Nathan for You tonight.

What an incredible show.



You should definitely watch The Damned United, a film about the rise of Brian Clough and his assistant, Peter Taylor, (winning the biggest club trophies in world football without great players) at Derby, Leeds and Forest.

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There’s also the Calendar interview with Clough and Don Revie after Clough got sacked. God knows how many times I’ve watched it, it’s awesome seething anger on both sides.



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Yeah, that was brilliant.

It’s funny how establishment Revie, the darling of the FA, ended up shafting them by leaving the Eng-er-lund job for the Middle East, and sad that the best manager of his generation (pound for pound probably the best ever) didn’t get a go at it.

Yes, fuck Don Revie. Though as a (now heavily lapsed) Forest fan I would say that.

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This might be the show I’d most want to see again for the first time.

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Mine is still You’re the Worst, but the wife and I had a grand ole time watching Nathan for You the last couple days. Some of these are cringey as fuck, and I wasnt the biggest fan of the “Buy this toy or you’re a baby” segment, but all in all, it’s a 9.5/10

Nathan For You is still one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I don’t know too many things I’ve laughed at as hard as “Gas Station / Caricature Artist” or “The Movement.” And the final episode is just incredible.

Late to the party as usual but the 1st season of Dave was so good. Not a Lil Dicky fan at all, might even call myself a hater, but the show is top notch.

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Yeah I’m the same with lil dicky and was hesitant about watching the show specifically for that reason but was really glad I did. Also everyone I’ve recommended it to loved it

I couldn’t get into The Shield the first time, looks like I need to give it another go. I had similar problems with Justified and Dark and ended up loving both tremendously.

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Unsolved Mysteries season 1 reboot dropped today on Netflix

Oh shit thanks going to watch first one now

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They did keep the theme song hot damn

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I think the originals are still on Amazon.

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Have they found D.B. Cooper yet?


Who keeps unbanning you?!

Time to re-re-re-re-re (re) litigate that LOST finale