How the F is Henry Kissinger still alive? And for Gods sake there is one rule. Only bumps until he dies

This thread should be bumped about weekly. Otherwise it should remain empty until it finally fucking happens.

Exercise and clean living!

A watched Kissinger never dies.


I don’t know why you guys hate Heinz Alfred so much. He speaks German. How bad can someone speaking German really be?


Title implies thread should be bumped only while Kissinger continues to draw breath.

I love some Kissinger hate and I love some Nazi hate, but I don’t love hating Kissinger as a Nazi (or as a German).

Sigh. Like herding cats.


That does not look like a wooden stake.


So, it’s almost the 100th birthday. I don’t have a Kissinger story, but I do have two Walt Rostow stories. One time he almost prevented me from getting laid, the other time he actually helped me get laid. I went to a BIGASS PUBLIC SCHOOL, which I will call the University of Football, where Rostow was teaching economic history to our grad students. You might wonder why someone who had been such a brilliant scholar was slumming at such a place. Well, because the Ivies wouldn’t touch him after Vietnam, and God bless them for that. Same thing happened to Dean Rusk. I’ll go ahead and @econophile on the chance he’s familiar with the man’s work.
So it’s not weird to imagine we’d wind up the same room because we have several coincidental interests: the developing economies, international relations and such. At this point I am a senior and I’m ten-thousand percent ensorcelled by a young woman whom I will call The Very Fair Amy. So one afternoon I decide to go to some lecture. And there’s the fabulous Dr. J our brilliant India scholar. I wouldn’t have the chance to study with him again, so I thought I’d sit down and catch up. Then Rostow comes in and sits right in front of us. At this point, despite avidly hating the man, I have no idea what he looks like. I actually could not have picked him out of a lineup. So Rostow turns around and starts talking to Dr. J. Then Dr. J introduces us. So even before I can figure out who the guy is I’m already shaking his hand. Later that evening I go home and The Very Fair Amy is sitting on my couch, just reading and looking very fair. So we start catching up. When I get to the Rostow story her eyes get huge and she turns red and she screams at me “YOU SHOOK THE MOTHERFUCKER’S HAND???!!!” I’m like “Oh God baby, it all happened really fast.” I had to do some pretty fancy dancing to get in her panties that night.
So flash forward a couple of months. I get invited to some party or reception or something. It’s a very informal thing and there’s a lot of profs from our economics and government departments. Well, Rostow is there, as is the chairman of the Economics Department, whom I do recognize. So I march right up to the chair and say something like “That SOB should be in prison.” (I’ll confess now that I had written a couple of letters complaining about the fact that a school, which I loved so much, was keeping a war criminal on staff.) So the chair suggests that maybe I should leave. OK. I know when I’m not wanted. So I rush home, and again The VFA is on the couch and I say “Baby, I just got kicked out of a party for telling Walt Rostow’s boss that he should be in prison!” So The VFA jumps off the couch and leaps into my arms and…well, you know. I won’t share details because it’s none of your business.
I’d like to make this point: It’s okay to complain about Kissinger hanging on like this, but we should also be very grateful that Nixon and Johnson and Rostow and Westmoreland and McGeorge Bundy are still dead as goddamned door nails. It’s something to celebrate.


RIP Henry

This should be bannable.

Also, he’s still alive.


Still alive…



You googled Jewish support for Kissinger?

No, he consulted his bulletin board