Getting Started With Discourse (With Videos!) And now with Spoilers

New to Discourse and hate change? Learn all the basics with these short videos and learn to post like a pro in under 5 minutes!

Discourse Posting Basics

Replying and Quoting Posts

How to Post Images, Videos, Tweets, etc.

How to Change Your Theme


What is the single most important thing you can do to improve your forum experience?

The ignore feature

But before we get into that, here’s how I did the spoiler


That was a “Blur Spoiler.” It is only for text.

This is the Hide Details Spoiler

You can put text and other stuff in here.

I need to use [ img ] tags for the image to show up though.

Looks like media doesn’t embed in spoilers

Not sure if you can nest sopilers, but that’s usually stupid anyway.

I can nest this


And this!

Okay so here’s how you ignore that really annoying poster.

Double click on their avatar to go to their profile page.On the profile page, click on where it says Normal and select Ignored.


For some reason you cannot permanently ignore someone and have to enter an end date. I hope I can fix this. If I ignore someone I want a permanent option.


Another tip

I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again, gregorio is a god damned super hero.

I could edit this post to make Johnny look bad below, but instead I’ll just say he was correct.

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i’m not sure what happened there but I must have had myself on ignore. Fortunately I have an unlimited window to delete my mistakes/

Wait a second…I disliked because I mentioned the snip thing before jbro. I thought you were rubbing that in.

I thought you disliked my post because it turned out I had already posted that in this thread so you were making fun of me for that. Looks like there are lots of reasons to dislike my posts.

I actually liked it tho.

I did this and I still see their posts.

@kerowo and I have experienced this as well. My current hypothesis is that it’s not sticking when you add them from their profile, but if you add them from your preferences it works, though right now I have one that’s displaying as being Ignored but I keep seeing his posts, so :man_shrugging:

So I suggest adding them again as above and see what happens.

Edit: or I guess what I’m seeing are posts in which he’s quoted, just without his quote showing up, whereas I was hoping any post quoting his post also would be ignored and not just the quote itself.

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