George Floyd Uprisings - against all odds, three white men found guilty

It’s been just over 3 months since George Floyd’s murder and the start of mass protests around the country. This is the start of a new thread to track the continued unrest countrywide


Trump’s visit to Kenosha should be fun.

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Also if anyone has any better ideas for thread titles feel free to change it

Not sure I’m a fan of being snarky in the title of the thread where we talk about people who have been murdered, or in trivializing those who have been responsible for some of those murders.

Here’s a nice specific demand. Make all cops get a broader education.


That was a notBruceZ change. I titled it “George Floyd Uprisings”

Chiefsplanet doesn’t seem too interested in the Patriot Prayer shooting (unlike Rittenhouse who they’re still idolizing). They don’t like guys who get shot I guess.

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Badass alert!

Also it’s mad bullshit if nurses are required to pay to re-up their licenses. Cops shouldn’t have to do that either

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If we added liability insurance and a M.S. degree then LEOs would almost be held to the standards of a social worker making $40k/year.


I think there’s a good chance the guy in that truck, which was shooting paintballs at the crowd, is the guy who got killed.

Well maybe not. I don’t see a black stripe and the wheels might be different.

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Narrator: They were.

And the decent isn’t fascism continues

Apparently this is the NYT.

We seem to be approaching some kind of singularity where everyone and everything except victoar is right wing.



Absolutely expert. Perfect encapsulation of oblivious privilege.

BLM/Antifa medic was trying to help the Patriot Prayer guy who was still alive and the police pushed her off. Video from what Suzzer just posted.