Football thread: HERE WE GO 1 IN A ROW

Football is back!

Hail Hail lads.


10 in a row bid starts 4.3pm at home to Hamilton Academicals.

Fuck the huns.

Are 8Bus or LFC on this site haha

I should be somewhere in Glasgow getting leathered for the match :frowning:

Fuck the virus/huns.

I’ll just have to get fucked up at home :slight_smile:

Got some live resin, shatter and UK-Cali for starters, with a selection of Gin to choose from as well.

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@marty Hail Hail :v:
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Oh my days.

2 nil Frimpong.

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Game a bit easier to watch without the crowd only because it’s my own team.

I’d turn it off otherwise.

The new normal (virus living) will kill football or it will kill lots of fans :frowning: My mates can’t wait to start travelling to games again and our group chat is full of talk about getting over for first huns game. I’m dreading it.

It’s the only game I can actually watch without losing concentration :blush:

Yup… Let’s hope its peaceful :pray:

French Eddy :beers:

Edit: Time to get smashed brother… Lighting up as I type :tada::tada::tada:

Hattrick Eddy.


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Eddy… “It’s ma baw” :soccer:

Lol I’m worried about the virus, not violence.

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I’d take someone’s hand off if they offering big money for Ajer. Got all the skills to be great but none of the know how and it looks like he still hasn’t learned any lessons on how to read the game/stay on your fucking feet (CB greatest attribute).

Even if he stays we should buy at least 1 CB, preferably 2.

I mean, if there shouting for £27 mil for the hothead, we deserve 50 for Ayer…

What a goal…

Kilmala :grin:

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Haha brilliant :ok_hand: