Fall 2021 LC Thread—I Want Candy



I haven’t seen many of the movies Bowie was in. The only one that sticks in my mind is Into the Night. The critics hated it. I liked it because Goldblum is a depressed aerospace engineer with all kinds of shit happening he doesn’t understand. A movie for me! Bowie is hilarious as a hit man that thinks Goldblum is his brilliant rival when really he’s just… there.

Not Labyrinth?

I’m embarrassed to say I never saw it. Never saw Man Who Fell to Earth either. :man_shrugging:

Maybe I’ll look where I can stream them.

Nic Roeg was an original and inventive director and all his films up to the 1980s are worth watching, including the unusual Man Who Fell To Earth. Bowie basically plays himself at that time.

Bowie had a great minor role in The Prestige.

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not Fire Walk With Me?


I have seen Walkabout. Definitely read the book.

Adding: It’s a good book, but not required. I’m just saying it made an impression on young me.

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Performance starring Mick Jagger is a cult classic that I’ve seen loads of times. Bad Timing with Art Garfunkel is an uncomfortable dissection of a dysfunctional relationship. I’m sure you’ve also seen his classic creepy suspense/horror Don’t Look Now.

Before then he was cinematographer on a number of sumptuously shot films eg Lawrence Of Arabia.

No. Never saw it. I’m pretty sheltered when it comes to TV and movies. I may have been in high school when I saw my first movie that wasn’t in black and white and in Spanish in an actual theater (The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes). Like I only watched a significant number of episodes of a handful of the sitcoms on that RS list.

Nope. Maybe you guys can save time by pointing me to the official UP required viewing thread.

I would but I fear it might be full of super hero films.

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Labyrinth is maybe worth a watch if you have some good edibles on hand.

Tilda wore it best for sure

Ummm, Labyrinth?

I mean, if you ever wondered what Bowie’s trouser meat looked like up close in a kids movie… you’re missing out.

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Good is the operative word there. Do NOT watch Labyrinth if you are having a bad trip

This story is insane.


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We are living in an era of real super villains with real origin stories. Bezos, musk, Zuck, Putin, Mercer, Un…The super heroes have yet to reveal themselves.

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Can anyone be the artist for my new comic book, Guillotine Man?