English Premier League Thread

An EPL thread without 8BUS? I’m in.


Still don’t get it! I love Paris though

I guessed the joke was that your supporting Fulham & as I stay in another country why would I know or care, don’t worry its us Scots, we like to joke about London and londeners.

The Scottish strip was the never support a blue team joke as that’s our thing as a country, the whole place is football mad and every man, woman and child follows Scotland here whether they tell you otherwise.


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lol i’m watching on peacock and some fan yelled “OH FUCK OFF” and it was like he had his own mic it was so clear

That might have been a player. The TV companies keep having to apologise for their audible swearing during lockdown games.

it very well might have been

Fulham play man city today

Also LOL Everton

I know nothing about soccer and all the various leagues and tourneys going on at once is confusing as hell, but became a Tottenham fan after watching the All or Nothing documentary on Amazon Prime.


Well Spurs v Arsenal tomorrow so buckle up.

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I follow loosely, besides Pulisic/Chelsea. Unfortunately he’s the odd man out with the new manager :frowning:

Lamela Goat

Now that MLS has started I may need to update the title of this thread.


bump my MLS thread lol

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come on lester city

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i did it!


this everton/aston villa is wild rn

Shoulda been in, haavertz!