COVID-19: Chapter 7 - The south will rise, again.


Perhaps americans would take covid a little more seriously if we piled all the dead bodies from each day into a building and then flew a plane into it. Also

Question about vaccines. When I get the vaccine am I then safe? Like say it all goes well and I get the booster or whatever am I done worrying about covid the way I never worried about measles or does it rely on enough people around me getting jabbed too?

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The last thread ended just in time to stop the shitty posting. (I understand this is a shitty post). Christmas is in 1 week, we have hit 3500 deaths a couple times, I assume we will hit 4K shortly after NYE for awhile.

My understanding is 95% to not get Covid and so far 100% to not get seriously sick.

Likely is won’t truly be 100% but it’s going to be really close.

That’s just you getting your two shot series out a couple of weeks past your second dose.

If you are like @WichitaDM and your nurse spouse is primary risk, then your quarantine partner getting the shots will lower your own risk substantially provided you don’t change your behavior.

I’m gettin’ COVID for Christmas
Mommy and daddy are sad
I’m gettin’ COVID for Christmas
Cause I ain’t been nuttin’ but bad

I went to church without a mask
Somebody sneezed on me
I drank Bud Light straight from the cask
Somebody sneezed on me
I had to go out to the club
And Jersey Mike’s to eat a sub
Made my home a social hub
Somebody sneezed on me

Now I’m givin’ COVID for Christmas…


So if this is true wtf is going on? Why are people taking any risks at all when we’re so close to 95% safety? If me being safe required widespread takeup I’d understand cos that ain’t happening any time soon but if I can take two shots and be safe why take any risks in the last few weeks?


It’s just unreal to me that 3,500 people are dying a day and people still don’t care.


Because every single person is a special snowflake who has reasons to break the rules.


When we run out of freezer trucks and have to pile bodies up in streets, or when we run out of ICU beds (aka now) and people end up dying at home without treatment (very soon) and the bodies are left there for a day or two because there are too many to pick up, people might start to care.

Otherwise it’s just a flu, don’t kill their vibe. Kill their grandma instead.

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Like JT keeps saying this is a terminally sick country and society. This has exposed it but it has always been there.

Because for a lot of people in prime living-it-up years, the risk to them personally doesn’t seem to be that high. Like someone (WichitaDM?) said earlier, it actually is true that this is an incredibly skewed-toward-the-elderly disease in terms of harm.


If we are just talking about the adult population most diseases are skewed towards the elderly with regard to harm though right? Regardless of how bad a disease is it’s most likely to kill the weak and old. I can’t think of one disease that does better against healthy 20 somethings. So if that is our criteria on whether to do anything about a disease there likely won’t ever be one that crowd sees as being worth intervention.

Covid is the perfect virus really. It’s deadly. But not deadly enough to make 80% of the western dumbass nations take it seriously. If it was slightly less deadly it would actually be the flu and if it was killing 5% of the infected we would have already taken it seriously enough to eradicate it or close as people would be terrified.

It’s going to be the single most deadly anything this country has ever faced and people literally don’t care. Instead they are mad they can’t shop without a mask or hit up TGI Fridays. It’s disgusting.


Your anger should really be directed at the people running our country and states who are responsible for not providing people the financial support they need and insisting on OFB policies that make it perfectly within the rules to eat out at bars/restaurants. Most regular people don’t think about things in terms of Skalanski-grandmas or whatever when they are making their decisions about whether to visit their friends and family. Expecting them to, and to give the risks the same weights as you do is dumb.

At some point in the next couple days we will cross 1/1000th of the entire US population having officially died from Covid. And that is likely an undercount of the true death toll. Still most of the country doesn’t care.


I’m trying not to veer into truther territory, but my impression is that for <20 year old individuals (or maybe even up to age 30 or 40), influenza is more deadly than COVID. While both are more harmful to the elderly, COVID is relatively more skewed. So if you’re a 20-30 individual who already doesn’t fear the flu, it seems easy to disregard the risk of COVID if you’re solely focused on your own health.

(Disclaimer: 1) I think you should care about other people, 2) this ignores the non-fatal consequences of COVID among younger people, and 3) the people who don’t care about COVID are bad.)

Is there a way to quote from a previous thread? Wanted to reply to this:

“Question about vaccines. When I get the vaccine am I then safe? Like say it all goes well and I get the booster or whatever am I done worrying about covid the way I never worried about measles or does it rely on enough people around me getting jabbed too?”

If you get the vaccine and booster then hopefully it will be like getting the measles vaccine and you never have to worry about Covid again. This is not certain yet because we don’t know if the immunity lasts forever and Covid could mutate but it doesn’t depend on other people getting the shot. People that can’t get the vaccine for some reason depend on everyone else getting it to be safe which is actually also true for measles.

What kind of financial support did you need to not go to a fucking rooftop bar


It seems like there is not an easy way to do this for closed threads. There’s a workaround, but it involves finding the username, post number and topic number from the old thread and adding that information to the quote tags.

You can find the relevant stats for 2020 there. Covid and the flu are roughly as deadly as flu from 0-14. Which is to say not deadly at all. 15+ Covid is far more deadly.