College Football 2021: An Expanded Thread

Not even gonna bother with a proper OP since I genuinely do not feel like we will get anything resembling a normal season at this point


The Ivy League has already canceled all fall sports (including football). This shit isn’t happening.

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I think we’re actually a favorite to have Fall sports. It won’t look the same, many schools will not participate, schedules will be limited, and some schools will end up forfeiting games due to potential Covid exposure. But there is a strong push to get sports going and a lot of youth sports are already happening.

My best guess is you’ll see the Power 5 and about half of the rest of D1 play this fall and about 50-60% of smaller divisions.

Just for fun

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What are the chances that even conferences like the SEC say no season, but then like Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia schools from various conferences put together a patchwork season

It would be like a secession in some ways. And not so much a full conference, per se, as a, well, a confederation


I could see the SEC doing conference only. B1G says they are doing that which is IMO a much bigger deal than the Ivy cancelling all their sports.

But then I wonder what that does to traditional cross conference rivalries like Clempson-USCe, UF-FSU, and UGA-Georgia Tech? How do you not play those?

B1G going conference only shows the absurdity of modern conferences. Nebraska is closer to UNLV than Rutgers, but playing Rutgers is ok while playing against regional non-conference teams isn’t. This is even dumber in the Olympic sports that actually function as part of the educational experience of a student athlete.


Sports are the reward of a functional society

We aren’t having fall sports.

You’ll be lucky to have 1-2 weeks of games before they pack it up, but I doubt we get that far.

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Given the low probability of actually playing these games even conference-only, it seems like maybe a tactical error to announce this now, meaning they’re going to get sued for the guaranteed pay to the non conference opponents

Am I wrong here? Could have just kicked the can down the road a bit on this, and maybe off the hook for those guarantees if it’s all canceled at the same time by both parties in each contract

Or maybe they are doing this specifically to pay those schools “for the good of the game” and the longer term survival of this current system anyway

between this, the clowneyhelmet.gif, and the one what where the Michigan punter has the ball bounce off his head you have to ask how much more college football is likely to offer us. Diminishing returns at this point, just wrap it up imo.

Are there any betting markets relating to # of games played in the major sports?

I don’t know what the justification given for conference only play was. When I heard it, I assumed it might have to do with them being able to totally control the set up and configuration of each game. Which in an out of conference match up becomes a crazy negotiation instead of just following a specific set of rules and guidelines.

PAC 12 going conference only. Bammer’s season opener with USCw cancelled.

Some interesting takes on what conference-only play will mean

These unpaid athletes aren’t risking enough. CTE and chronic injuries they’ll deal with for years just aren’t cutting it anymore. Let’s throw in COVID-19 to the mix!


I wonder who is exploited more in the name of obscene profit; poor football players at powerhouse programs like Bama, OU, tOSU or Amazon workers that are prohibited from unionizing.

I saw something else yesterday I meant to share here but can’t find it, a few higher profile athletes are considering following the lead of MLB players and sitting out regardless of whether there is a season and I couldn’t agree more. I’ve absolutely thrown my last college pass if I’m Trevor Lawrence.

This prediction not looking so good at this point.

Juco - already moved Fall sports to spring, nothing starting before Jan 1.

D3 - Not official yet, but looking really likely they’re going to cancel fall sports championships completely.

D2 and NAIA - both on the edge between moving Fall sports to Spring and making a go of it this Fall with 50-60% of schools participating.

D1 - pretty much same as above with the added note that the Power 5 will ultimately determine when championships are played.

Lincoln Riley seems resigned to the fact that we’re having spring football

The updates are getting worse:

D3 - Fall sports championships are donezo

NAIA - Fall sports mostly moved to Spring

D2 - 50% of conferences have canceled/postponed Fall sports. Announcement seems imminent

D1 - hearing non-football coaches from the Power 5 openly advocate for postponing Fall sports to Spring. We’re getting near the date when athletes would report and teams don’t even know what schedules or protocols look like. It all seems ominous.

I think the early failures in the MLB experiment have helped push everyone over the edge.

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