Bump This Thread When Non-Terrible Famous People Die



My favorite


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Great thread idea. A week late for Betty White.

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My older kids watched FH and then my younger kids watched the reruns ad nauseum.

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Only 65. Legit shocked when I saw this


God damn it

Horrible news


RIP Bob. A buddy of mine saw him not long ago doing standup and said it was way better than you’d think. I never saw this movie, but this is one of my favorite clips from him (it’s Saget it is NSFW)

This is exactly my experience with Saget too.


Anyway last year was a down year for dead celebrities. This year is probably gonna pick up the slack unfortunately.

This was a really nice thread.


Dana Delaney, who is herself pretty great, on Saget.

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Unless your perspective is that Elvis and the Beatles were hacks, Ronnie Spector deserves a mention. She was an incredibly striking woman. Ask Keith Richards.

This info mostly from wiki: The Ronettes were really popular for what seems like a short time ('63 to '65 or so) but they were still big enough to tour with the Beatles in '66. They inspired Brian Wilson. Cher was a back-up singer for them. They don’t seem to have gotten a lot of financial benefit from their success.

There aren’t a lot of videos from their heyday on yt, but this from '66 will do. RIP Ronnie.


Also from her wiki

They married at Beverly Hills City Hall on April 14, 1968.[59] Bennett changed her surname and became known as Ronnie Spector.[60] Their son Donté Phillip was adopted in 1969. Two years later, Phil surprised her for Christmas with adopted twins, Louis and Gary.[61]

Spector revealed in her 1990 memoir, Be My Baby , that following their marriage, Phil subjected her to years of psychological torment and sabotaged her career by forbidding her to perform.[62] He surrounded their house with barbed wire and guard dogs, and confiscated her shoes to prevent her from leaving.[63] On the rare occasions he allowed her out alone, she had to drive with a life-size dummy of Phil.[64] Spector stated that Phil installed a gold coffin with a glass top in the basement, promising that he would kill her and display her corpse if she ever left him. She began drinking and attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to escape the house.

In 1972, Spector fled their mansion barefoot and without any belongings with the help of her mother. “I knew that if I didn’t leave I was going to die there,” she said. In their 1974 divorce settlement, Ronnie forfeited all future record earnings after Phil threatened to have a hit man kill her.[63] She received $25,000, a used car, and monthly alimony of $2,500 for five years. Spector later testified that Phil had frequently pulled a gun on her during their marriage and threatened to kill her unless she surrendered custody of their children.

Phil Spector. Freak and a very weird dude doesn’t begin to cover it.

He didn’t let Ronnie do that '66 Beatles tour with her sister and cousin.

In the 80s, the Ronettes sued him over royalties and won a significant amount but he kept appealing till the case got to state SC in the 00s, ending with a pathetically small final payout to the girls.

It was really bugging me why “Be My Baby” sounded so familiar when it’s been so long since I heard it. Turns out the drum phrase at the beginning has been used a lot, including by The Cars, Billy Joel, Lana Del Rey, Amy Winehouse, and Taylor Swift. What I was remembering was the song “Just like Honey” from the soundtrack of Lost In Translation.