Best decade of music

Same, even down to driving super far and seeing two stops on the tour. Literally wept at the first show, so amazing.


Hard to disagree with 80-93 (what were the standouts from 77-79 though?). I ultimately went with 90s, because In Utero, Aeroplane, and Illmatic are top 10 for me. But it definitely sucks having to choose between that and Joshua Tree, REM’s IRS era, and the Smiths. Two very high quality decades.


Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy

Fleetwood Mac Rumors

Bee Gees Saturday Night Fever

innumerable others I’m sure


For personal taste I’d still go 98-07, but overall quality id go 91-00. You get to start with Spiderland, Loveless, nevermind and a host of others and finish with Agaetis Byrjun and Kid A.

1990 is a pretty weak year but 91 is just insanely stacked.

You’re not into effing the ineffable?

Only if it’s slathered in Olive Garden dressing.

Besides the more mainstream things listed by Rivaldo,

1978 - Kate Bush debuted with Wuthering Heights
1979 - The Clash released London Calling
1978 - Siouxsie and the Banshee’s debut album The Scream released
1978 - Roxy Music reformed and released Manifesto
1979 - Joy Division released their debut album

Those 3 years were the foundation of the post-punk, new wave, and dark wave movements, and produced some of the most influential artists and music of the modern era, IMHO.

This doesn’t work well for artists who debut at the end of a decade.

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We’ve all got our foibles when it comes to musical taste but substandard Roxy and the Banshees don’t deserve to be on the same list as the others. And where are Fear Of Music and Adventure?

Yeah, NIN/Nirvana aren’t an 80s band.

Bad news for teams not named 80s. Phil Collins solo career just took a steamy, greasy, gelatinous-nugget-containing, oozy molasses on your chest.

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Fuck Phil Collins (apart from drums on a few early Genesis tracks and some Eno albums).

We should make a supergroup of performers who should’ve retired early with a decent career behind them instead of being subjected to much deserved ridicule ever since.

The Uberghouls

Drums - Phil Collins
Vocals/piano - Elton John
Lead vocals - Rod Stewart

That doesn’t sound fun, seems hurtful and unnecessary.

Hurting Phil Collins is a national sport here.


I’m gonna start a Phil Collins fanpage, to try and counteract that by surrounding him with a lot of positive support.



Bless you.

Just don’t encourage him to record any more music

It’d be disingenuous of me to suggest I’m a Phil Collins fan, but I loved this one as a kid and I still think it’s a very good, if not that distinctive cover version.

Faces era Rod Stewart versus the his frankly ludicrous solo career as the singer

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That one fails for me on the usual cover basis of too similar to great original but not as good.

Perfect, and added to the band.