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This isn’t an adult level comment.

The list of who cares includes you, @-d2_e4, myself, and others. I know this because we’ve all taken the time to post regarding this kind of due process concerns ITT. There have also been other posts, whole threads, and still born RFCs regarding this issue too.

So… people care, you are among us caring people, and if a productive chat is to be had on this issue, I really feel we need to drop this “nobody cares” negative anti-community attitude ASAP.

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Mod actions should be logged.

We can revisit the topic of due process for permabans. (He hasn’t been perma’ed.)

Kel not being an angel doesn’t justify kneeling on his head.


The problem is that a lot of “good” posters left because of the way you treat the “bad” posters.

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Yeah, they left because I was too mean to Kelhus. jlawok.gif

No, they left in part because you’re an asshole to a lot of people.

They didn’t leave bc anyone was mean, they left due to the bannings.

As if the bannings are independent from the constant othering? Part of the same campaign.

I think there’s a big difference between the two.

Which posters have I banned?

But it’s part of the lobbying effort for the bans. And it’s objectionable in and of itself and part of the reason why people left imo.

Being an asshole shouldn’t be a bannable offense. Being a bad poster shouldn’t be a bannable offense.

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Shaming and mocking was part of the most effective technique of converting people to your side for a decade on 2p2. Banning not so much. You should know this better than anyone.

Honestly not sure what you’re talking about, I try to be generally nice to people online. I’m sure I don’t always, but I think I try to. Don’t know what my side is or who I was trying to convert, and to what. Mostly at 2+2 I liked arguing and debating and never had the expectation that I would convince the person I was talking with, that almost never happens. But I shamed and mocked people? I don’t know, maybe, I shouldn’t have if I did.

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I sent you a PM several weeks ago (under spidercrab account) asking about this - if you want to step down, let me know.

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Try harder

Oh yeah, please demod me

How would you know? People left for a variety of reasons.

You could pick any number of the following:

Forum consensus moving rightwards towards little c conservativism
Bullying people in the covid thread
Mods applying much more lenient standards to people on their “side”
Veneration of wealth and its ostentatious display
War fetishism

Now if you’ll excuse me I have some nicer people to talk to.

The “herp derp!!!11!1” guy wants to talk about “adult level comments”?


lol at leaving unstuck in part because of the veneration of wealth. The credentials for your safe space happy zone is going to get so stringent that you’re just going to end up miserable all the time.


Kel is a great troll. Don’t you guys need punching bags?