2024 US Presidential Election - panic here

A year out to the day, we got the old guy vs the old guy in an orange jumpsuit.



Not much to panic about. Trump is winning.


Just realized the election will be on Guy Fawkes Day. The anniversary of the Gunpowder Treason Plot. Not a great omen.

Also realized I need to rewatch V for Vendetta today.


Wow we’re pretty fucked.


I’m sure once convictions start rolling in Trump’s poll numbers will go down.


Did a quick glance at old polls a year out

2020:Biden up by 2.
2012:obama anywhere from up 2 to down 4 against mitt.
2016:clinton is in lead in dem primary. Polls have Ben Carson in the lead in gop.


You meant to say up, not down.

Being inside jail makes you the ultimate political outsider, ldo.


I’d like to bet someone that his polling goes up in the incredibly unlikely event he is ever convicted of anything criminal. Anyone want to work out terms?

It’s 2023 and the center left party cannot bring itself to support wildly popular center left positions like legalizing marijuana or raising taxes on rich people.

They deserve to lose, full stop.

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Generic Democrat, 2024!


It’s mind boggling that this is where we are at. Four years of lame duck trump (until that is changed by congress), is where we are at. It makes no sense.

Definitely a mental health cheat code to ignore politics for the next 5 years. Like sure, everything is fucked forever, but hopefully you don’t have kids and can just grind out your remaining days playing video games and eating tasty food and watching Netflix until that’s all she wrote.


The part that is actually demoralizing is there is absolutely nothing that can be done at this point. American politics is irrevocably broken. There is no obvious solution. I honestly thought a few years ago it would get so bad people would wake up but at this point it’s clear there is no amount of bad that will change things. In fact, the bad just feeds it all. Makes it stronger.

Yep, once people figured out through the help of the Internet that bad faith was an undefeated world champion raid boss and applied it to politics, it was all over.

And, I doubt it’ll be a strictly American thing. I’m sure the rest of the world’s democracies will be right behind us once they see the blueprint.

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Yep our next prime minster is a mini trump. We are maybe 8 years behind you in the best case.

What if an independent candidate gains steam?


What if one of them dies before election day?

insert vince

What if a foreign war escalates?


What if Donald Trump goes to prison?

Not possible


Some of his pronouncements border on the fantastical. His government will invest in flying cars and build “freedom cities” on empty federal land, where Americans can live and work without burdensome regulations.

Others are controversial, such as his plan to round up the homeless and move them to tent camps outside US cities until their “problems can be identified”. Some lean directly into the culture wars - he wants state school teachers to be required to “embrace patriotic values”.

He also doubles-down on protectionist policies, calling for a “universal baseline tariff” on all imports, which can be raised on countries that engage in “unfair” trade practices.

On immigration, he wants to reinstate the policy of making undocumented migrants stay in Mexico while they apply for asylum. He also calls for an end to automatic citizenship for the children of undocumented migrants born on US soil.

He pledges to cut “hundreds of billions” of dollars in US international aid and end the war in Ukraine in the process. According to media reports, he is contemplating a US withdrawal from Nato or, at the very least, scaling back American involvement with the trans-Atlantic defence pact.

“The greatest threat to Western civilisation today is not Russia,” he says in a March video. “It’s probably, more than anything else, ourselves and some of the horrible, USA-hating people that represent us.”