2024 Republican Primary Thread: Haley drops out

Don’t think Rogan is likely to run but if he runs on Medicare for All and wins the Republican nomination that would be hilarious. Maybe he names Bernie as his running mate.

If Trump had taken the economic populist line after getting elected he could have been dictator for life. Rogan would represent the GOP turning leftward and flanking the entire Democratic establishment from the left economically.

I’m telling you now the smart members of the GOP want to do this. Mitt Romney was to our left on stimulus at the beginning and Andrew Yang of all people gamed out how easily you can get their base to go along with a very leftist message as long as you don’t tell them directly that’s what it is.

Why do that when you can lie about it and your supporters will believe it.

False, the deal was that establishment Rs would give Trump personal impunity if he handed policy over to them so meaningful economic populism was never an option for him. The fact that Mitch was able to shutdown more stimulus in October (that Trump obviously knew would help his re-election) and still get his judge through tells you who was wearing the pants in this relationship.

He was wearing the pants because Trump is an incredibly weak human being. I promise you that if Joe Rogan were in Trumps spot in late January 2017 his first call is to Mitch and the conversation is about what Mitch can do for Joe to prevent a nightmare tweet and phone calls to start negotiations with the Democrats.

We would have done deals with him and we know the GOP have been spineless cowards in front of him since the beginning. He had an obvious angle but he’s too stupid to see it.

No Tom Cotton? Too Alfred E. Neuman-like?

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The main difference between Rogan and Trump IMO, is that Trump is a blatant clumsy criminal in desperate need of protection. Part of the reason Trump seems omnipotent is that Mitch has allowed him to be… if Trump tries to go full economic populist on day 1 then Mitch happily feeds him to the wolves on Russiagate.

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This is probably 100% accurate. A lot of Trump’s behavior over the last 4 years makes a lot more sense with being blackmailed as context.

Not calling him smart or anything, just saying that for a guy who says yes to everything and tries pushing every button the buttons he didn’t push are super suspicious.




The terrifying thing is that if Trump/Pence don’t run, 90% of those voters will support a Carlson presidency.

Tucker Carlson would be a much scarier Donald Trump than Donald Trump.

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i’m assuming tucker will keep doing his nightly show while president and then waaf.


lol poles


Heh I read Carlson as Carson, oops. Don’t think he has much of a chance. The other GOPers will move to be more Trumpy so it won’t be like he’ll stand out or anything. They’ve learned from Trump.

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Yeah, this is a scary proposition. I know that Biden will have the incumbent advantage, but a lot of the turnout for him was from the massive fear a second term of Trump instilled in people. They should be just as afraid the next time around, but four years has a way of making people lazy and forgetful.

Also the next 4 years will be 4 years of further decline in the American empire. No matter what Biden does Grievance Politics will probably be even more powerful in 4 years. Left leaning people are going to be inevitably disappointed in whatever lukewarm policies Biden implements and right leaning people are going to be fed a nonstop stream of outrage about SOCIALISM.


The man who liberated ASAP Rocky may join our already crowded field:

crazy 4d chess. trmp is no doubt getting advice to both announce 2024 run to freeze the field and to not run at all. these assholes entertaining their remote fantasies probably works for trmp