2023 LC Thread

In this specific case, it is not about you being torn about making a decision, it about you being torn about what you would have preferred him to do. If you’re not torn, but just simply don’t care, then it’s not ambivalence.

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Any predictions for the Idaho students murders? Sadly, it definitely feels like serial killer stuff.

You would be ambivalent if you knew that him folding was +EV, but also you are a degen gambling addict who would like to get a dopamine squirt, so you aren’t sure which you would rather he do.


I don’t think it’s correct to say you are ambivalent about two different possibilities. It’s in the nature of how the word is used that you are ambivalent about one known quantity, be it a person or thing or situation or whatever.

one decision?

Might want to put that in this thread, although I guess there might not be much discussion either way. I was ignoring the story because I figured it was “pretty white girl got killed” but guess there might be more going on.

ambivalence is literally derived from the Latin word for both (ambo).

They can’t get staff.

They should try paying more.

That is part of it, but not the whole issue.

Lex Fridman is Joe Rogan for people who don’t smoke pot.

Wearing a suit makes him an intellectual.


I never heard of this guy until like a month ago when he interviewed Hikaru.

I wasn’t too impressed with Fridman’s side of the interview, but just looking at the archives he has a lot of long conversations with interesting people.

I don’t need 3 hours with Jordan Peterson or Ben Shapiro but I wish I had time for a few hours with Rick Rubin or Jaron Lanier or Stephen Wolfram or Brian Greene.

His voice is so annoying, and he loves riding rogan.


Hmm…so by hung parliament do they mean….

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I am just happy that Malaysian voters did not buy in to the right‘s All Sizes Matter rhetoric.


Fuck that’s awful.

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Pretty much my worst nightmare.

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