2023 LC Thread - Watching Kitchen Nightmares on my Fridge

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How is that guy going?

Mink may look furry and friendly, but people in the area tell me what they’ve seen is not pretty.

“The squirrel had its face chewed off and that mink was eating it,” said Zavier Buzard.


Didn’t a bunch of minks get covid in like 2020 or 2021 in Denmark or something? Minks really finding their way into the news the last couple years.

Vinnie’s Furs and Haberdashery just got new inventory.


I don’t know where this goes

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I think you’re looking for the GOP Insanity Containment Thread with that gem, whooooaaaa boy that’s some GOP insanity right there…

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Wtf does this chart mean on either axis?

You know it’s a lot of snow when a snow plow gets stuck.

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My daughter isn’t really into sports, aside from the sport she does (gymnastics), but, now in her sophomore year in high school, the school spirit is flowing through her.

She didn’t go to the game because it was like an hour away, but she just came running down excited to tell me that her school’s football team beat the #6 team in the country (#2 in another poll) in the state tournament. As a dad who wishes his kids were more into sports, that was pretty fun for me.


For example: Diogenes was toxic, but his fans are chads. Adam Smith was normie, but his fans are toxic.

Oh! Got it now. Kant in the center square at normie normie feels right.

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Kafka a philosopher? :thinking:

One of my good friends is a fireman. He got called to a car accident yesterday and they extracted a couple people from a really bad accident and loaded them on Stars helicopter.

Turns out one of the victims was his partners daughter who ended up dying later in Hosptial. She only found out she had helped her own daughter later that night when the cops showed up to tell her that her daughter had died in a car accident. Her daughter was so messed up she didn’t recognize her during the incident!

How do you recover from that!


Godspeed to any Buffalo peeps here.

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So good


We have had 3 feet of snow since Thursday and we’re supposed to get 2 more overnight tonight. #prayformosdef


6 feet of snow forecast, both cars parked in the driveway.