2021 Unstuck NFL Fantasy League ****-talking Thread

Poast here if you are or are not interested

I’m in.


Been doing mock drafts daily. Let’s do this!


In, haven’t played in a while so I’m a fish.


Oh and what steaks :cut_of_meat:

Last year was low, like fifty bones I think? And no one ever actually paid

I’m fine with whatever

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I’m in. I’m also a total fish and forgot all sports existed for the duration of the pandemic. Since it’s never going to end, I may as well remember.

I’m in up to $200. I haven’t watched a full football game in a decade so it’s basically free money.

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In, also a fish

I’ll play.

Thinking Yahoo unless anyone has a more preferable platform. I haven’t played on the others in a long while so I can’t vouch for how they look and feel.


All negotiable and idgaf if we have kickers

.5 ppr and 4 pt passing TD 6 pt all other TD

A quick Reddit search shows everyone saying Yahoo is one of the better platforms. Works for me!

$200 is too much for me.

Max $50

I’d be interested in a 2-QB league

I’d like at least one flex position regardless of the type of league

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Fwiw I think sleeper is the go-to platform these days; I’ve got a bunch of leagues on there and it’s great. However, I’m already in too many leagues to do another so count me out, but just trying to save you from the hell that is yahoo.

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Looks cool. Don’t like the fact that it takes two minutes per pick though. I also don’t like that you aren’t able to custom rank players before a draft. No idea how the latter was missed out on given that basically every other website allows it.

Time limit per pick is configurable, anything from 10 seconds per pick to no limit, and you can set up a queue for players to do custom rankings ahead of time. It’s this thing in the draft lobby:

UI looks a hell of a lot better.

Yes I forgot to add the flex, I would replace one WR slot with a flex depending on how many teams we get. I would not want two QB unless the majority also wants that, it just makes the league all about quarterbacks in my experience. But I will acquiescence to the will of the majority.

How is sleeper’s mobile app? The reason I have stuck with yahoo all this time is they’ve made massive improvements to their mobile app over the years and it’s actually pretty good nowadays.