2020 Election Thread 2: YOU NOW HAVE 53 DAYS TO DISARM



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Just came from the end of the other thread. Is it over? Biden win yet? We take PA by 100K. I DEMAND UPDATES.

Yeah they’ve counted 80k votes while the outstanding ballots have gone from 765k to maybe 370k, but we’re not sure if some of that 80k maybe comes from that 370k (and some of the recent stuff probably does).

I feel like we’re not getting anything out of Georgia for a little while, PA is coming in slow, NV is gonna be slow as fuck.

Nap time. Relax!


@CanadaMatt3004 AZ has been called, but incorrectly.

Biden probably wins there, but they should be reneging on the call.

Great title. Never gets old.


I fully understand the good reasons this is taking a long time but I’m on the brink of legit losing my mind. Gonna try to sign off for a few hours.


FYI, if the last drop that was 79% Biden is from Delaware, that’s below his overall share, which has been 85% there. I get nervous if he’s all of a sudden underperforming in every county.

I’m done following after the next drop. Can’t take it anymore either.

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There also could be provisionals we don’t know about, although I don’t think there will be a ton. If you showed up with a mail-in ballot, they destroyed it, verified it, and let you vote normally. If you showed up without a mail-in having requested one, I think they let you cast a provisional and then have to wait and make sure they don’t get a mail-in from you before counting it. So the number should be low, but I’m not sure if they’re accounted for in any of this - I’m guessing not.

538 now indicating that 340k mail-ins in PA remain, with Biden down 108,367.


I’m not an AZ expert, but what I see outstanding combined with Joe’s lead looks very good. I think the AP is safe.

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How can I relax when the relative rapidity of our certain descent into dystopian dysfunction is on the line.

If this is true that’s still good news right? Like the sweat is seeing if those numbers are real?

So Biden now needs to win the remaining PA ballots by like 68-32 on average to eke out a win.

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Go for a walk.

I’ve never expected 85% in Delco. If he gets 85% of the mail-in in Delco whoooo boy are we cruising!

This is, of course, assuming they all get accepted. Which is a BIG assumption.